Over 24 months we have spend well over $10 million on Facebook and Google ads for AppSumo and OkDork. It’s a store for entrepreneurs to get the best deals on software. It’s a mix between e-commerce and saas.

Below are a few videos that Noah Kagan and 1 recorded going over how to manage a Facebook ad account and our day to day tips, optimizations, and thinking behind scaling the ad accounts.

There’s a bunch of tips to help manage your own accounts so take some notes on how we are choosing the landing pages, the ad copy, targeting, and messaging.

You will also notice we do a lot of testing in this series as this is more of an educational view into how to think about your Facebook ad account and the different options you have to grow it.

We have more training and learnings over at JackPaxton.com as well as some good ad examples in our ad library that you can copy.

Reach out if you have any questions or need help running your ad campaigns!

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