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Being able to trust our partners to do the best job possible makes our lives that much easier. Jack and Jenn at Top Growth Marketing are experts in what they do and will go above and beyond to create value for their clients.

We’ve worked with TGM for over 3 years, growing our revenue by 280% while reducing CPA’s and CPM’s. These guys know what they’re doing, hands down.

Sophia Lotter

Director of Marketing, Waiakea Water

The engagement yields impressive results. Top Growth Marketing executes effective paid ad campaigns that secure new customers cost-efficiently.

A dedicated team, they research opportunities to access additional audiences. Their professionalism leads to an ongoing partnership.

Nick Christensen

CMO, Appsumo

It has truly been a gift to have worked with TGM. 

1) truly an expert at digital marketing.

2) Understands and cares about our needs and goals.

3) Selfless in teaching and empowering us.

4) Genuinely pleasure to work with and be around.

Chris Pan

Founder, MyIntent.org

Top Growth Marketing is an extension of our family. We count on them for so many things and they go above and beyond for a typical paid advertising team.

Not only do their tactics work successfully to grow our business tremendously, but, they are also a pleasure to work with.

Communication between our team and Top Growth Marketing is amazing, they are very responsive and are eager to help us with anything we need in order to continue to scale our business.

We have seen over 10x growth since starting with them. They’ve helped us solidify our brand as a top cozy loungewear company in our space.

Samii Ryan

CEO & Founder, By Samii Ryan

Top Growth Marketing’s effective digital marketing strategy helped the client transform into a marketable business. Their team impressed the client with their experience and proven system of working with customers.

Moreover, the client lauded the vendor’s responsiveness, speed, and weekly updates.

Michael Modena

Founder & CEO, Aura Vinyl

Top Growth has been transformative and has taken the brand to the next level – which is exactly what I was looking to do!

What I really value is the communication I get from you guys which is frequent, to the point, and fast despite the time difference.

I really appreciate this because I never feel in the dark about what’s going on, the actions/inputs you guys are taking, and it gives me the reassurance that you guys are all over it.

I am so busy with developing stock and managing the day to day running of the business that I need a marketing team I can rely on to make the best decisions for the brand as you guys are the experts!

Caroline Brooks

Founder & CEO, Hampton & Astley

Their hard work, strategies, and fast turnaround times have been instrumental in achieving our key milestones.

We have been working with them for 2 years after seeing them speak at a Shopify conference. Top Growth Marketing has been such a game-changer for us.

So if you are looking for a great partner that delivers results, I highly suggest Top Growth Marketing.

See full video testimonials here.

Josh Leyva

Co-Founder, Taste Salud

The company has increased their sales by 502% since working with Top Growth Marketing.

The team’s workflow has been effective, facilitating monthly calls where they review results.

They provide clear and readable sales reports. Their commitment to meeting the client’s expectations is impressive.

Blaine Kusler

Founder & CEO, UA Body

Jack is one of the most driven, genuine, efficient and dynamic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He was instrumental in growing brands to multimillion-dollar status, all within the tightest performance-driven ROI requirements.

He balanced outward-facing client presentation skills with deep hands-on knowledge on a level I’ve not seen before.

He is never too busy to answer a question and his positive can-do spirit lifts the room and the team around him. In Short, Jack is a super high caliber, high integrity, fun, smart, driven and effective.

Dave Palmer

Founder & CRO, Yoga Club

Just wanted to drop a note to the Top Growth Marketing team to thank them for helping us end the year with a record amount of sales via e-commerce. 

What excites me most is that we are only just getting started. As they learn more about PLBSE and we bring new products to mix the sky is the limit. Love the partnership!

Ty Ballou

Founder & CEO, PLB Sports

We started running ads with Top Growth Marketing and after only 2 months of working with their team we saw incredible results.  They dialed in what resonates with our customers around week 5 and by the end of month 2 we saw more sales on our website in 1 month than we saw in all of 2019!

The only issue that we’re having at the moment is that we can’t keep anything in stock.

TGM is incredibly easy to work with, they respond to questions and concerns immediately and they don’t spend money just for the sake of spending.

They’re smart when it comes to recognizing opportunities to scale and at this point I don’t know how I’d be able to run my business without them.

They’re an absolute necessity if you’re looking to bring your business to the next level and I can’t say enough great things about them.

Evan Pinstein

Co-Founder, Beers

I can’t say enough good things about Jack. We had no Facebook ad expertise when we first started buying ads and Jack quickly and efficiently came in and setup all of the proper pixels, custom audiences, look-a-likes, etc to quickly get us scaling.

More importantly, Jack acts as a mentor and coach for your business, providing best practices across your entire marketing strategy (email, average order value, pinterest, etc).

He also has a great, ‘go getter’ personality that is easy to get along with. We truly appreciate everything Jack did for us!

Dave Pan

Chief Operating Officer, MyIntent


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