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List of the top tools paid advertising experts use on a day to day which allows them to drive positive ROI’s on paid channels.



Access to guides on all marketing channels as well as valuable content from top influencers.



Lists of courses that I have personally taken or highly recommend shown by skill level.


A collection of the most valuable paid advertising guides (some of them are created by us and MOST OF THEM ARE FREE!).

Facebook Ads Course

Guide Type – Facebook Ads
Cost – Free
Time – 2-3 hours

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Goes through account setup
  • How to better optimize and scale your Facebook accounts.
  • How to write converting copy
  • How to create a sclable ad that converts
  • How to use dark posts

Get Started

Take the course to start crushing your Facebook advertising.

Moz Social Media Guide

Guide Type – Social Media
Cost – Free
Time – 1-2 hour read

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Pretty basic but a must read if you are just starting out
  • Moz has huge authority in the digital marketing space so they know what they are talking about
  • Broken up into chapters so you can skip around
  • Must read chapter 4 on social media metrics (super important)

Read Guide

Check out some of their case studies and explore their massive tool list!

Facebook Benchmarks

Guide Type – Facebook Benchmarks
Cost – Free
Time – under 30min

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Use this as a rough guide to compare your statistics
  • Keep in mind that this is a broad study and every account is different
  • Covers Ad type, industry and geo benchmarks
  • Focuses on CPC’s, CPM’s and CTR’s (does not include CPA’s)

Download Report

Download the report and compare your stats to the industry standards.


The best tools for mastering your paid advertising strategy.


Tool Type – Sales funnels and landing pages
Cost – $100/m (covers pretty much every tool you need)

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Super powerful funnel capabilities
  • Build courses, landing pages and webinars
  • Integrates with ALOT
  • Gret combination with paid traffic

More Tool Info

Head over and check out the power of ClickFunnels!

WP Engine

Tool Type – Website Hosting
Cost – around $29/m

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Very easy to use with awesome support
  • Handles automatic backups
  • Easy to duplicate and move websites
  • Super fast, you can do a speed test on your current hosting here

More Hosting Info

Head over to WP Engine and see what you have been missing out on. Pretty much a set and forget setup.

Elegant Themes (WP)

Tool Type – Wordpress Website Themes & Plugins
Cost – Lifetime or Yearly ($69/y)

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • One stop development stop
  • WordPress is best for content, community and course websites
  • More flexible than Magento, Squarespacee and any other CMS
  • Easiest builder for WordPress websites (Divi theme + Divi Builder Plugin)
  • Huge community that help fix bugs as well as share free templates

More Tool Info

Check out the themes and plugins they have to offer. The Divi theme and builder is the only one I use now!


Tool Type – eCommerce Website
Cost – Starts $29/m

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Best service for online stores/websites
  • Easy to setup and build
  • Great for fulfillment, order tracking, coupons etc
  • Easy to use apps that plugin to add features to website
  • Easy to integrate Facebook, Google Analytics and most other platforms

See Features

If you need an easy to build and use eCommerce website I suggest checking these guys out!


Tool Type – Viral Toolkit (contests, giveaways, lead bait etc)
Cost – FREE trial and mid range pricing $29/m

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Using viral contests is a great way to build lists & audiences
  • Builds email lists & social following extremely fast
  • A ton of customization and build functionality
  • Great for automating your lead generation (content upgrades tool)
  • Many uses for tools to keep your list and followers growing

More Tool Info

Triple your efficiency in Adwords with this power editing tool!

Adwords Editor

Tool Type – Adwords Enhancement
Cost – FREE

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Bulk editing is super easy using the editor
  • Finding duplicates is a key feature
  • Can edit offline then upload all at once
  • Some limitations to bid strategy but still worth using

More Tool Info

Triple your efficiency in Adwords with this power editing tool!

Meet Leonardo

Tool Type – LinkedIn Automation
Cost – $29/m

Why You Should Use This Tool

  • Makes reaching the right people easy
  • Great acquisition tool if you lead with value
  • Very accurate prospecting
  • Automation is wonderful, set and forget

More Tool Info

We used this to get people to watch our free training on using viral contests to grow their eCommerce stores.

Top Paid Advertising Courses

The ultimate list of paid advertising courses that will help learn and master the paid advertising ecosystem.

Ultimate Google AdWords Course

Course Type – Webinar
Cost – $195

Why You Should Take This Course

  • Watch the chapter previews before purchasing to make sure this is a course you could use take make back that $195
  • Super in depth with 19+ hours of training content
  • This guy (Isaac) knows his stuff and gives awesome examples
  • The course is constantly being updated to include changes in the platforms
  • Will take you from super noob to novice

See Course Itinerary

See the chapters and course breakdown over at Udemy!

PPC Hero

Course Type – Webinar
Cost – FREE

Why You Should Take This Course

  • A number of great webinars to sign up for
  • Great coverage of Adwords CPC
  • Very timely with reporting changes and industry updates to CPC platforms
  • Quick and easy to follow learning

See Webinars

So if you are looking to learn the ins & outs of Adwords head over and check this guide out!

WordStream University

Course Type – Read & Examples
Cost – FREE

Why You Should Take This Course

  • Again WordStream is contributing some amazing content
  • The quality of this course is awesome considering it is free
  • There is a lot of modules
  • Mostly PPC but they also have a small section on paid as well as some downloadable whitepapers

See Course

If you are interested in learning the basics to PPC then head over and check out this free course.

Facebook Course & Exams

Course Type – Text and guides
Cost – FREE

Why You Should Take This Course

  • Super long and detailed course on the Facebook & Instagram platform
  • Like Adwords they also offer a certificate at the end of the course
  • Just getting started with Facebook Business Manager? NP, here is FREE setup playbook
  • Covers the basics but you will still need an actual budget to and experience
  • Awesome section on audiences and using the business tools (power editor)
  • Also worth checking out the webinars section (great value)
  • Get access to my collection of 5min Facebook hack videos.

See Course

Start making your way through the many Facebook learning courses!

PPC Mastery Course

Course Type – Videos, Guides and How to’s
Cost – Around $500 for lifetime

Why You Should Take This Course

  • This was one of the earliest courses I took
  • Great preparation for your Adwords exam if you plan to take it
  • Expensive up front but the content is worth it
  • Shows exactly how to do everything you need to know to run a solid Adwords account

See Course

Watch some demo lessons to see e if you like Jeff’s teaching style!

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