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How To Use Facebook Dark Posts

A detailed guide on how to use Facebook dark posts to improve the ROAS of your Facebook ads. Screenshots and a video guide by a digital marketing agency!

Beauty and Skincare Ads: A Complete Guide With Examples

Beauty and skincare ads are a key promotional strategy in a saturated beauty industry – and this article can tell you how to do them right.

Facebook Influencer Marketing Case Studies: Channel Takeover Method

Facebook influencer marketing injects new life into your ads and boost engagement. Learn how to make your campaigns awesome.

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Unpacking E-commerce Growth With Michell Cohen

Unpacking E-commerce Growth With Michell Cohen

Today, we look back on an informative episode of the Blitz Growth Podcast, featuring Mitchell Cohen, Director of Influencer Partnerships at AppSumo.  A marketing maestro who has built vibrant online communities around edtech businesses, Mitch is also renowned for...

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E-commerce Success: Key Lessons from Laura Haleydt

E-commerce Success: Key Lessons from Laura Haleydt

Not all mechanics of success are industry-specific or confined within a particular vertical. And for this very reason, we are sharing actionable lessons from an enlightening chat with Laura Haleydt – a seasoned online teacher and entrepreneur with a record of...

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