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How to Set Up Facebook Conversions API (Shopify & Other Platforms)

Learn how to set up Facebook conversion API to your store so you can bypass upcoming browser privacy policy and track your ad performance.

Social Validation: Supercharge Your Ads With This Trick

Social validation places your ad under the spotlight and helps you convert. Read this article to find out more about this phenomenon.

Advanced Facebook Ads Training: TGM + Shopify Webinar

Check our the training session Top Growth Marketing did in partnership with Shopify Growth Labs. It covers all the advanced Facebook ad tactics TGM uses to scale client eCom brands.

BFCM: How to Set Up Ads For Q4 Fever [2021 Guide]

BFCM is the hottest season for online stores and you better embrace it prepared. Read this article to find out how.

Growth Loops: How to use Them In Every Stage of Your Funnel

Creating and maintaining growth loops can help your e-commerce brand scale on autopilot. This article will guide you through.

Manage Facebook Ads Accounts (Tips feat. AppSumo & OkDork)

Have you heard about AppSumo (and their...

Best Apps For Productivity in Marketing [2020]

Productivity apps help us save time and streamline or automate our everyday business activities. Here are the best producitivity apps that we love!

How To Use Facebook Dark Posts

A detailed guide on how to use Facebook dark posts to improve the ROAS of your Facebook ads. Screenshots and a video guide by a digital marketing agency!

10 Easy Shopify Hacks That Will Boost Sales For Any Store

We’ve got a confession to make: we’re...

Shopify LTV – Calculate And Optimize Lifetime Value For Your Shopify Store

Shopify LTV (lifetime value) determines how profitable are your customers in the long run. Find out how to make the best out of this metric.

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10 Easy Shopify Hacks That Will Boost Sales For Any Store

10 Easy Shopify Hacks That Will Boost Sales For Any Store

We’ve got a confession to make: we’re lazy.  We love finding ways to get the most out of the time we put into store growth.  And if you’re trying to balance eCommerce store sales with growing your Shopify business, you’ll need all the efficiency you can...


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