Digital Marketing Acronyms (and Dogs)

Do you have trouble keeping up with all the acronyms tossed around the digital marketing table?

Don’t know your blended ROAS from your ESP? 

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together this glossary of acronyms you can use as a reference whenever you’re at a loss.

Also, dogs. Because everything is better with dogs.


Bottom of Funnel. Refers to the bottom of the “marketing funnel” where there are few leads more likely to convert into sales.


Cost Per Action (not to be confused with cost per acquisition). This is a metric and pricing model that refers to the cost of someone performing a desired action. 


Cost Per Mille. This metric is the cost of receiving 1,000 impressions for an advertisement.


Call To Action. Any prompt (usually written) that directs your audience to take a desired action.


Customer Lifetime Value. The net profit your can expect from a customer over their entire relationship with your brand.


Search Engine Results Page. The search engine results for a given query including organic and paid results.


Top of Funnel. Refers to the top of the “marketing funnel” where there are many leads at the awareness stage few of which will turn into sales.


Cost Per Click. An advertising model in which advertisers pay publishers for every click that an ad receives.


Conversion Rate. The percentage of your total audience that completes a desired action. 


Click Through Rate. The percentage of total impressions for an ad that result in clicks.


Return on Advertising Spend. The revenue earned on advertising costs.


Social Media Marketing. The use of social media to market products and services.


View-through Conversion. An impression that results in a conversion even if the prospect doesn’t click on the advertisement.


Cost Per Lead. Under this pricing model, advertisers pay for every prospect that shows explicit in interest in their offer.


Conversion Rate Optimization. A system and process whose aim is to improve the conversion rate of an advertising asset.


Emotional Selling Proposition. The emotional components that go into a prospect’s decision to buy your product or service.


Marketing Efficiency Ratio. The total revenue resulting from all marketing spend across all channels. 


Search Engine Marketing. Any marketing activity whose goal is to increase visibility on search engines.


Share of Voice. The exposure a brand gets among an audience compared to its competitors.

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