A library filled with ads that we run for clients to get them leads, customers & traffic.  Take a look and let us know if we can help your brand scale with paid ads! 

*NOTE – Some of these do not display properly outside of the social networks. We also couldn’t post all our top ads here, so get in touch if you are interested in see the results these ads produced.


Video ADS

Video Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Facebook rewards video
  • Highly engaging + behavior retargeting options
  • Use of sub-titles for mobile
  • Social validation (share, comments, likes)
  • 3rd party endorsement

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Click Ads

Image Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Social validation (shares and comments)
  • Leveraging dark posts to build social volume
  • Organic ad format to encourage more natural behavior
  • Using UTM tracking, shortened links, and Facebook tracking
appsumo creative
Fuego ads
Salud Ads
Famokids Ads
BPN Giveaway Ads

Content Ads


Why These Ads work:

  • Stands for User Generated Content
  • Authentic & organic
  • Highly shareable and conversational
  • Soft conversational selling in comments
  • 3rd party validation from (8-10x more likely to listen to friends over brands
  • Leveraging influencer accounts
  • Usually the best ROAS on prospecting

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Content Ads

Influencer Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Another organic-looking ad type
  • Partnering with influencers
  • Running ads via their accounts usually has a higher ROAS
  • Closer connection with target audiences
  • Great for collaborations 
My Subscription Addiction Ad
Bader UFC ad

Speaker & Featured

We have also published multiple courses & guides that have been taken by 1,000s and given hundreds of 5 stars reviews.

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