Ad Library

A full library of ads from all channels and why they work!
A collection of the Facebook ads and why they worked!
Twitter ads focusing on B2B and generating clicks and leads.
Target the business and professional audience with super granular targeting.
Pinterest is a great platform for product discovery, consideration, and comparison.
Facebook Ads

Video Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Facebook rewards video
  • Highly engaging + behavior retargeting options
  • Use of sub-titles for mobile
  • Social validation (share, comments, likes)
  • 3rd party endorsement

Click Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Social validation
  • Leveraging dark posts to build social volume
  • organic ad format to encourage more natural behaviour
  • Using UTM tracking, shortened links and Facebook tracking
  • Leveraging influencer accounts

Giveaway Ads

Why These Ads work:

  • Giveaways drive much cheaper leads as it is a win-win for both parties
  • Using buttons in the ad image increase CTR
  • Clear identification of what you can win
  • Targeting competitors, complimenting product and groups
  • Using motion in images makes it stand out in the feed

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