Elevate Your Brand with Influencer Whitelisting

We’re a forward-thinking team dedicated to supercharging e-commerce brands through the power of influencer whitelisting.

Picture this: your brand, powered by the authenticity and reach of influencers, but with enhanced control and insights. That’s what we offer.


Influencer Whitelisiting

Our journey has taken us through countless successful campaigns, leveraging the unique benefits of influencer whitelisting to drive unprecedented growth for brands. We’re here to do the same for you.


Digital Marketing Strategies

Engage your eCommerce customers through multiple avenues, including paid search/social ads, email, SMS, influencers and more.


Brand Awareness and Growth

Establish your digital presence and brand loyalty with a customized creative plan from an agency proficient in eCommerce marketing services.

Meta Partner

Sustained eCommerce Growth

Why Influencer Whitelisting Is Your Next Big Move

Imagine having the ability to use an influencer’s social media account as a launchpad for your ads. That’s influencer whitelisting.

It means your brand can use the influencer’s handle for ads, edit content for precision targeting, and extend the life of influential posts.

This strategy isn’t just a new trend; it’s a game-changer. For brands, it means more control and better targeting. For creators, it means more exposure and growth. It’s a win-win, providing both parties with valuable insights and a solid foundation for genuine, impactful advertising.

Jack Paxton

Founder and Digital Marketing Expert

Jack comes armed with over ten years of expertise, propelling eCommerce brands to new levels of profitability through every marketing strategy you’ve ever heard of – and some you haven’t. 


Customer Commentary

We started running ads with Top Growth Marketing and after only 2 months of working with their team we saw incredible results. They dialed in what resonates with our customers around week 5 and by the end of the month 2 we saw more sales on our website in 1 month than we saw in all of 2019!


Evan Pinstein
Co-Funder, Beers

Customer Commentary

Just wanted to drop a note to the Top Growth Marketing team to thank them for helping us end the year with a record amount of sales via e-commerce. 

What excites me most is that we are only just getting started. As they learn more about PLBSE and we bring new products to mix the sky is the limit. Love the partnership!


Ty Ballou
Founder & CEO, PLB Sports

Customer commentary

We have seen over 10x growth since starting with them. They’ve helped us solidify our brand as a top cozy loungewear company in our space.


Samii Ryan
CEO & Founder, By Samii Ryan

eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing has evolved, and so have we. Gone are the days of simple sponsored posts. Now, with whitelisting, your brand can achieve much more.

Unparalleled Growth

Enhanced Ad Performance

We tweak and optimize your sponsored posts in real-time for better results, using the influencer’s profile for an authentic touch.

eCommerce Sales

Precision Targeting

Direct your efforts exactly where they’re needed, reaching beyond the influencer’s followers to your ideal audience.

Lead Generation

Customer Acqusition

At our eCommerce marketing agency, we specialize in acquisition strategies that will quickly expose you to qualified prospects. Unlike other agencies, we customize every plan to your needs.

Multi-platform Startegy

Everywhere All  at Once

Leverage influencer whitelisting to showcase your brand on leading social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and more, connecting with potential customers through trusted voices.

Online Presence

Greater Content Lifespan

Get more from your investment. Whitelisted content sticks around longer, maximizing visibility.

We prioritize personalized attention for all of our partners. Customer-centricity, competence, and commitment are our fundamental values as an eCommerce marketing agency.

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The Stats

Just a few metrics that contribute to our (and soon to be your) success.

Year we ran our first Facebook Ad.

Million dollars in profitable ad spend.

Average Revenue Per Email Subscriber

Managed Media

Why choose us as influencer whitelisting agency?

Data-Driven Analysis

We track everything from impressions to conversions, giving you a clear picture of ROI and helping refine future campaigns for even better results.

Creative Excellence

Our creative team works hand-in-hand with influencers to produce content that stands out and resonates with your audience.

End-to-End Support

From strategy development to execution and analysis, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your campaigns succeed.


Questions? We have answers:

What does an influencer whitelisting agency do?

An influencer whitelisting agency specializes in creating powerful connections between brands and their target audiences through the strategic use of influencers’ social media accounts.

By obtaining permission to run ads directly from these accounts, we enable brands to harness the credibility and reach of influencers while maintaining control over the messaging, targeting, and analytics of their campaigns.

What are the benefits of influencer whitelisting?

This approach not only amplifies brand visibility but also elevates campaign effectiveness by presenting your products or services within a trusted and familiar context.

With a focus on conversions, we meticulously crafts each campaign to speak directly to potential customers, leveraging the influencer’s voice to guide them through the buyer’s journey—from awareness to decision-making.

How do you select the influencers you work with?

Our process involves a rigorous and meticulously crafted screening process that ensures only the most compatible and influential voices represent your brand.

Our approach starts with an extensive pool of pre-selected candidates, each with a proven track record of engagement, authenticity, and a strong resonance with their followers.

We delve deep into the analytics, evaluating metrics such as engagement rates, follower demographics, content quality, and brand alignment to identify influencers who not only have the reach but also the ability to genuinely connect and influence their audience.

The process includes a qualitative assessment of the influencer’s content to guarantee it meets our high standards of quality and authenticity. We look for creators who exhibit a natural affinity for storytelling and can seamlessly integrate your brand into their narrative in a way that feels both organic and compelling.

Is influencer whitelisting really different from traditional influencer marketing?

Influencer whitelisting gives you the ability to directly control and run advertising campaigns using the influencer’s social media account.

In traditional influencer marketing, brands collaborate with influencers who create and share sponsored content on their own social media profiles, leaving the control of messaging, targeting, and performance tracking largely in the hands of the influencer.

This approach offers more precise targeting, ad customization, and detailed analytics on ad performance, unlike traditional methods where brands rely solely on influencers to create and post sponsored content.

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