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We work with the best platforms and tools to get better results. 

Google Partner

Top Growth Marketing is a certified Google Partner with an above average performance score on high ad spend. We can solve disputes quickly and have access to Google representatives for any complex issues.

Facebook Marketing Partner

As a Facebook (Meta) Marketing partner we are equipped to grow your business on the platform without any obstacles. With the help of a Meta representative, we can solve any issues that you may have on your business manager account.

Pinterest Partner

Running Pinterest campaigns requires thorough knowledge of the sales funnel, eye-catching creatives, and a Pinterest representative on speed dial. As partners, we have all that plus talented media buyers that are ready to rock.

Shopify Partner

We understand the fundamentals of Shopify platforms. As Shopify partners, we’ve held numerous webinars on successful advertising on the platform. Moreover, we also partner with Shopify apps that help you automate and scale your online business.

Snapchat Partner

As Snapchat partners, we can help you plan, create, and execute Snapchat campaigns without worrying about potential roadblocks.

Klaviyo Partner

Klaviyo partnership provides us with tools needed to execute profitable email marketing campaigns.


Okendo helps you automate reviews and user-generated content with post-purchase emails, rewards engine, and much more.


Privy helps you collect leads with exit pop-ups, spin-to-wheels, and more to increase customer retention.


Use Justuno to bump your average order value (AOV) with bundles, upsells, and more.


Centralize and automate your customer support operations with Gorgias live chat and helpdesk.

Octane AI

Octane AI uses gamification to collect zero party data from your customers.


Smile.io improves your customer acquisition through loyalty programs and point rewards.

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