Manage Facebook Ads Accounts (Tips feat. AppSumo & OkDork)

Managing 10 million ad account

Have you heard about AppSumo (and their affiliate OkDork)? They are the titans of the eCommerce and Saas world, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to get the best deals on software.

We’ve successfully worked with them for many years now. And during that time, we’ve spent a ton of money to manage their Facebook ads.

How much, you wonder? – Over $10 million! And we’ve had some groundbreaking results.

But we won’t keep the tricks of the trade up our sleeves. Instead, we’ve decided to share them with you.

Manage Facebook Ads Successfully

Noah Kagan (founder and CEO of AppSumo) joined me along in this short video.

Together, we’ll talk about how to manage Facebook ads accounts, our day-to-day tips, optimization, and thought process behind scaling the ad accounts.

You’ll find a bunch of tips below to help manage your own accounts. So prepare to take some notes as we go over various topics. Among others, you’ll learn:

  • How are we choosing the landing pages?
  • The importance of the ad copy
  • How to implement pinpoint targeting
  • Approach to messaging

You’ll encounter a bunch of testing in this series as well as we wanted to approach it from an educational perspective. Hopefully, it will help you think better about your Facebook ad account and the variety of options you have to grow it.

So fasten your seatbelts. It’s time to gain a ton of value. 👇

If you want more training videos and knowledge bits, head over to our blog and We also present effective ad examples in our ad library (that you can copy).

In the end, if you want to replicate the success that you’ve seen in this video, feel free to reach out. We’ll gladly answer all your questions and help you run your Facebook ads.

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