11 Best Shopify Upsell Apps and Cross-sell Apps to Increase Your Sales

If you have a Shopify store, you should also have an efficient sales strategy in mind. 

Can you upsell or cross-sell a product immediately to increase average order value (AOV), for example?

And Shopify apps can be quite handy tools to help you plan this all out.

OK, but in a range of so many options… How do you choose the best Shopify upsell app? Especially since they all promise to do the same. 

We’ve decided to make all this easier for you and list out the best Shopify upsell and cross-sell apps! But first, let’s dive into what it means to upsell on Shopify.

What Is Upselling and Cross-selling On Shopify? 

First of all, if you already know this, skip to the list of best Shopify apps.

Now, if you’re new to the concept, keep reading.

Let’s wear the customer’s shoes for a second:

If I’m willing to spend some time choosing what I need to buy from a range of products, I would appreciate it if the store offered me more of something that is solving my problems.

That’s how customers should feel about the experience they are having on your website. And there are two ways of helping your customers in doing so:

Upselling: Upselling a product means trying to increase order value by encouraging a bigger purchase. You’re offering an improvement.

For instance, if your customer is buying a bottle of olive oil, the offer would be “would you like a larger one for only a 20% addition?”. The customer will spend more on the same product.

Cross-selling: Cross-selling is selling an additional product from the same space.

Let’s stick to the olive oil bottle example. Your customer is on their journey, ready to close the deal and your website offers “how would you like this artisan bread to go along with it?”.

Here the customer is being invited to spend more but on a different product, complementary to the first one he put on the cart (or that he already bought).

upsell vs cross-sell

Why Is Upselling and Cross-Selling Important In Shopify?

Recognizing the differences will help you design a better strategy and choose a more accurate Shopify Upsell App or Cross-sell App. 

This should increase your store’s revenue and its value to the consumer over a longer period. In other words: you maximize your sales by solving your customer’s problems

According to Sumo research, upselling can increase revenues by 10-30%. Sounds good? It gets better.

By doing so, you are able to:

  • Sell out a slow stock by bundling items
  • Start or establish a loyalty relationship with your customer
  • Improve your data understanding of your customer’s behavior 
  • Give your customers the perception that they don’t need to go elsewhere to solve their issues.

A good Shopify sales strategy can synchronize both upselling and cross-selling (or should we say buying and cross-buying) in a smooth, organic flow.

The consumer mind should go “How can I make this work better?… Ah! Here’s the answer! But, you know, I could use something else with it I just don’t know wha…well, here it is..hmm! This website is amazing!”

what is shopify upsell and cross sell

How do you upsell on Shopify?

After having your Shopify sales strategy designed, you’ll want to:

  1. Chose, download and test your chosen upsell app
  2. Make a list of the products you’d like to upsell. Have your inventory in mind.
  3. Test your marketing action by doing A/B tests for 15 days
  4. Measure: conversion rate, minutes the customer remained on site, etc.

how to choose shopify upsell apps

Now let’s get down to business: what are the top 11 Shopify Apps for Upsell and Shopify Apps for Cross-sell? We selected the most popular and well-rated ones and divided them by:

  • Pop-up Upsell Apps
  • Thank you page Upsell Apps
  • On the product page Upsell Apps
  • After-purchase Upsell Apps

Best Shopify  Upsell & Cross-sell Apps 

Pop-up Upsell Apps


pickystory shopify app
Why We Like It

PickyStory has a drag-and-drop system that makes it smooth to get products.

Also, you can make bundles and sell complete packs to the customer that’s purchasing a single product. 

The bundles can be previously built and offered to the customer by the store, or the customer has the autonomy of choosing the specific products to build their better bundle version – with a very customizable experience!

The app also makes it possible to track the performance of the offers so you can adapt to your strategy.


Don’t expect the prices to be added previously than the checkout page.

RATING: ⭐ 4.9


7-day-free trial

From $9,50/mo

Get Picky Story

Candy Rack

candy rack shopify app
Why We Like It

One-click only! That’s all your customer needs to do to upsell or cross-sell their purchase with this app. That really comes in handy if you think one minor distraction can make them abandon the idea of buying an unplanned item.

Candy Rack uses a pop-up to invite your customer to extend their buying journey. 

It’s that easy: Just as they’re done with their business, and a pop-up shows up with: “hey, this will perfect with what’s in your cart!”. It can be an extended warranty, a bundle, or anything…

This is supposed to be a smart app. It uses a built-in AI algorithm to generate suggestions based on the product recommendations API and make the upsell work.


Whether we wouldn’t consider this a downside, Candy Rack has a “sibling” Candy Cart, which might get you a little confused when choosing your upsell apps. 

So, just have in mind their main difference. Candy Rack is only triggered after clicking on the Add to Cart button only on the homepage (if it is an only-product store) and allows the buyer to keep on with their purchases… whereas Candy Cart is displayed before the customer is ready to finish the purchase, in the checkout area.

RATING: ⭐ 5.0


Trial: For 14 days

Plans: From $49.99/mo

Get Candy Rack

Booster Discounted Upsells

booster discounted upsells shopify
Why We Like It

As the name says, it boosts your customers’ purchase/journey. How? By giving them access to a discount on a related product as they’re purchasing the first one. 

Remember the olive oil example at the beginning of the article? There you go: “would you care to upgrade your purchase with a discount on the next product?”

With Booster Discounted Upsells is easy to identify the most profitable discount upsell since it relies on its own AI system.


It’s important to check if your store’s theme works well with the plugin.  

RATING: ⭐4.5


Trial: For 7 days

Price: From $19/mo

Get Booster

Thank you page Upsell App


reconvert shopify app
Why We Like It

Made by merchants for merchants. 

ReConvert is one of the best-rated upsell apps in Shopify (over 3000 reviews and 5 stars).

It allows you to build an after-purchase,  thank you page and place one-click upsell and cross-sell products and have their tracking. 

The built-in widgets offer:

  • Popup with discounts on selected products and a countdown timer, creating sense of urgency
  • Incentives for new purchases
  • Customer’s Birthday tracking as a personalized incentive
  • Order tracking 
  • Share on social media option
  • Post-purchase surveys

Some customers relate having problems with pricing, but, again, we strongly recommend carefully choosing the plans that are sales-based.

RATING: ⭐ 5.0


Free up to 50 sales/mo

Plans from $7,99/mo

Get Reconvert


honeycomp shopify upsell and cros sell app
Why We Like It

“We appreciate your purchase and we are more than happy to offer you an even better experience that comes with all these options” – your website with Honeycomb.

Not only does it build a thank you page with related products, but it also offers:

  • Post-purchase landing page with countdown timer
  • Upsell button as the customer pushes check-out (also with a countdown timer)
  • Blogpost page upsell button

Honeycomb is a cart, post-purchase upsell, and cross-sell app, a thank you page that displays multiple offers.


There might be one or other complaints about integration, but their support really makes it possible to deal with.

RATING: ⭐ 5.0


Free Plan 

$49,99/mo plan

Get Honeycomb

On the product page Upsell App

Frequently Bought Together 

shopify product upsell app
Why We Like It

Frequently Bought Together analyses items previously added to cart and offers related products ready to be purchased together.

So, products most added together in the shopping cart are displayed in an automatic bundle and can be purchased with a single click. Very Amazon-like!


It might take a little manual work when the features are overlapped.

RATING: ⭐ 4.9


Free trial for 30 days

$9,99/mo after trial

Get Frequently Bought Together

Upsell Recommendations

shopify upsell recommendations app
Why We Like It

Do you want to sell more and establish a loyal relationship with your customer? Get personal!

That’s what Upsell Recommendations offer you as you get it for FREE (with limited monthly funnel views). 

Upsell Recommendations uses three different algorithms that can trace and offer best-sellers, category best-sellers, and intelligent product recommendations (popular items, most expensive products, “recommended” and “you may also like this”products)


Although it’s known for its free version, it’s not free all the way. Don’t get us wrong: the free version accomplishes what the app promises. But if you want to go further, a monthly fee will be charged. 

RATING: ⭐ 4.5


It’s free

Extended version: From $49,99/mo

Get Upsell Recommendations

Bold Upsell 

shopify bold upsell app
Why We Like It 

Bold Upsell allows upselling from a single product to a bundle or kit, being on the product page or cart page. A real upsell funnel.

The thing about this app is that it automatically hides out-of-stock products from upselling and cross-sell offers, which prevents overselling. Plus, it is also possible to track your store’s upsell performance.


Users relate it can be a little buggy on the cart page.

RATING: ⭐ 4.7


Trial: 14 days

Price: From $9,99/mo

Get Bold Upsell

After Purchase Upsell App

Last Upsell 

shopify upsell after purchase, last upsell
Why We Like It

After your customers are done with their purchase… are they really done?

Last Upsell will make sure they will that their journey gets a little bit longer.

This is an after-purchase app, so it upsells or cross-sells after your customer finished the purchase, not creating a second order, but editing the prior one!


No complaints.

RATING: ⭐ 4.7


From $19,99/mo

Get Last Upsell

LimeSpot Personalizer- cross-selling

shopify upsell app limespot personalizer
Why We Like It

LimeSpot Personalizer can place boxes on every part of your website: home page, products pages, collection pages, cart, and post-purchase area.

Sounds good, huh? 

LimeSpot also allows you to personalize the boxes to match your website style and offer upsells, cross-sells, bundles, related items, as well as recommendations, Frequently Bought Together, Frequent Purchases, and Recent views kind of offers.


Be sure to pick the right plan so you know the amount you’re going to spend at the end of the month.

They have a “Pay as you grow” plan, where pricing is based on revenue direct driven from LimeSpot placements on your site. And they have the regular ones so, choose carefully.

RATING: ⭐ 4.8




Get LimeSpot

Wiser Personalized Recommendations

wiser shopify upsell app
Why We Like It

By tracking website visitor’s move using in-depth analytics, Wiser allows you to check customer journeys, browsing sequences, and visualize customers’ browsing sessions. 

Some features are:

  • Dynamic Email Recommendations
  • Pricing logic in Checkout Upsell
  • Margin based recommendations
  • API access for Merchants & Partners

That gives you all the data you need to meet your customers’ needs and help them buy:

  • Best-selling products
  • Featured products
  • Recently view products

Plus: it can be displayed on almost any page of your store, being it check out page, product page, and others.


Not so popular, so there are not so many reviews. Some customers claim the support is not so active.

RATING: ⭐ 4.9



From $49/mo

Get Wiser

In Cart Upsell and Cross-Sell 

shopify upsell app incart upsell and cross-sell
Why We Like It

No interruptions allowed.

In Cart Upsell doesn’t use pop-ups to increase your sales, but it has a range of other ways to offer your customers related products:

  • Cart page upsell
  • Cart drawer upsell 
  • On product page upsell with customizations based on recent purchases

With this app you can:

  • Create up to 500 simultaneous options 
  • Run A/B tests
  • Create discounts terms
  • Set automated feature, which personalizes the upsell even more
  • Match the visuals of the upsell offers with your brand
  • Display upsells in a carousel

 4.9 rating


The support seems to be away most of the time.

RATING: ⭐ 4.9



From 19,99/mo

Get In Cart Upsell and Cross-Sell

Last (but not least) considerations about Shopify Upsell Apps

Most apps will offer you upselling and cross-selling altogether, so the important questions are: 

  • What is your goal?
  • What is the best way to get there?

A marketing strategy will give you better guidance. 

What? You’re still struggling with finding the best ways to scale your Shopify sales, and reading this article just reminded you that no plan, no gain? 

You need to stay on top of your game and make sure that you’re not neglecting any other sales or marketing-related tasks. 

If you need a hand with that, you can always stay in touch with Shopify Academy to get more knowledge about the platform and how to scale businesses. 

Also, you can always count on us!

We’re a certified Shopify partner, and we’ve helped several Shopify businesses across different DTC industries to plan and grow their e-commerce. 

If you’d use some help with your Shopify strategy…

What are you looking for?


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