I had the opportunity to speak at SumoCon about Facebook ads. How to set up, scale and profit from this channel is the topic I cover in depth within the 50min workshop video below.

Enjoy and ask any questions in the Facebook post comments and I will reply to them as soon as possible!


💩 Want a no BS Facebook Workshop?

Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads condensed in a short 50min Workshop at AppSumo's summit (#SumoCon)! Topics ✅ Organization is key ✅ Optimal campaign settings ✅ Compelling copywriting for ads ✅ How to find converting audiences ✅ Picking winners & optimization ✅ Lookalikes and variations of lookalikes ✅ Facebook quick wins & takeaways I am thinking of either making a no BS Facebook course or running 4-month workshops with a small group (5-10) of people. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in something like that. You can find more on me and my previous projects at - https://topgrowthmarketing.com

Posted by Paxton Projects on Friday, October 20, 2017

Sorry about the quality, this was taken on a mobile phone for a Facebook live which was put in the Summit Facebook group!

See the full video also on Facebook.

Quick & Easy Facebook Hacks Guide

Facebook is one of the most powerful acquisition channels to grow your business. I have had the opportunity to spend millions of dollars on this platform and have learned a thing or two over the years. So download & implement these Facebook ad hacks to turn your ads into profitable money making machines!

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