15+ Must Join Facebook Groups If You Plan To Run Facebook Ads


No matter how much of an ad expert you are, you are bound to hit a wall a few times along the road.

A new update can turn all your successful systems upside down, or one of your important campaigns starts dropping.

When something like that happens, it’s beneficial to have Facebook ad experts you can ask for advice and solve the problem immediately.

That’s where Facebook ads groups come in handy! The growing micro-communities within Facebook advertisers can solve your problems but also provide tons of value.

Keep reading to find out which of these Facebook groups are worth joining and why.

The Benefits of Joining Facebook Ads Groups

There’s no downside to becoming a member of a good Facebook group. You communicate and educate yourself without missing out on the important stuff in the industry.

Also, there aren’t many other places on the internet you can ask a question and get a response almost instantly! Active Facebook groups are highly responsive and provide quality answers to your questions.

Not to mention that these answers mostly come from a community and not a centralized entity (agency or other company). Therefore, you’re getting genuine answers.

Also, joining Facebook ads communities helps you:

  • Stay updated on the latest news and updates from the paid advertising world.
  • Learn tips and tricks from proven marketing experts.
  • Network with other business people and agency owners and open new business opportunities.
  • Build your authority as an expert by helping others.
  • Expand your team members by finding great people.
  • Make a career jump or improve your skills by finding better job options.

And much more.

Best Facebook Groups About Facebook Ads in 2021

Below are some of the best Facebook groups to join if you want to always be in the know.

Note: Some of these are premium-only, meaning you got to pay to play.  Don’t worry, we won’t forget to mention in the article!

1.     Facebook Ad Buyers

Probably the most value-packed Facebook group that you can join for free. Created by industry heavyweight Tim Burd, it has over 130k+ users and high posting frequency.

The community is super responsive and will discuss everything happening within paid ads landscape. It also has dozens of quality moderators making sure that the group is never packed with sales pitches and spam but instead drives valuable conversation.

Join Group

2.     Facebook Ad Hacks

Created by Digital Distillery’s Catherine Howell, this ads group quickly rose to prominence. With 140k+ members, discussions just keep flowing.

In addition, it also contains frequent updates and tips from the Distillery, so the group keeps the members posted on their findings, learnings, and news from the industry.

Join Group

3.     Facebook Ads Experts Academy

A group by Depesh Mandalia, one of the more recognizable names in media buying. According to Depesh, it’s a group he wished he had when he started doing paid ads.

The topics are a bit more advanced so it’s recommended to join the community only if you’re already familiar with the basics of running Facebook ads.

Join Group

4.     AdLeaks [Premium]

AdLeaks is the Avengers of the paid advertising world. It’s a joint effort of advertising experts to create the best possible Facebook ads group. And that’s what they did.

By joining AdLeaks, you become a part of the crème de la crème. You get instant access to the learning “Vault” of 700+ videos from experts in various digital marketing verticals.

The group is extremely responsive and you can get help or a chat with well-known advertising experts in real-time. There are also exclusive deals on premium tools to help your advertising business, and also get all the latest news on your email. Is it free? No. Is it worth every penny?  Definitely.

 Join Group

5.   Local Business Facebook Ad Buyers

The advertising rules aren’t quite the same if you run a local business. The customer journey has different touchpoints and geotargeting plays a prominent role.

Luckily, local advertising is growing as well and you can stay on top of the game by joining this group. Here you can get all answers about advertising your local store, dentist’s office, hair salons, etc.

And even if you’re not in the niche currently, there’s no harm in joining. You may find some valuable ideas that will prepare you for potential opportunities in the future.

Join Group

6. Facebook Ads Rockstars

This group grew exponentially in the last few years. Created by Facebook Ads expert Alex Fedotoff, the community is meant for intermediate ad buyers.

You’ll find a bunch of expert takes on all things happening in the Facebook ads world coming from Alex himself and other group members.

If you already understand Facebook ads well but just need to fill the small gaps you feel are preventing you from that ultimate success, this group is for you.

Join Group

7.    Facebook Ads Explosive Growth

A unique and active group by the people from Voy Media digital marketing agency. These guys know their stuff and they are happy to share with the community.

Here you’ll find a bunch of great ads examples frequently shared, answers to questions regarding ad creatives, ad formats, and other things that make for an eye-catching Facebook ad.

Join Group

8.   Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets

If you’re running an advertising agency, you’ll love this group. While it has a fair share of tips and tricks on running ads, it mostly focuses on growing the agency itself.

So if you have questions about running an ads agency to the top of its potential, this is the group to refer to.

You’ll also find success stories and struggles of your peers as well as how to deal with difficult clients, delegate, create or upgrade your SOP, etc.

Join Group


9.  E-commerce Elites Mastermind

This group focuses on everything e-commerce marketing. So, while you’ll find a bunch of golden nuggets about Facebook ads for e-commerce, you can find a bunch of other valuable stuff regarding e-commerce.

Created by ecom expert Steve Tan, this community has over 100k+ members posting their systems, case studies, and stories of scaling e-commerce brands.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a store owner or an eCommerce agency expert, you can definitely pick something valuable from this group.

Join Group


10. Elite Media Buyers

A small but valuable group that frequently adds new learnings. It’s a tight-knit community of less than 3k members (with the potential to grow). The moderation is a bit looser so you can find job offers and pitches, which can sometimes lead to new opportunities.

At the same time, it’s pretty active and off-the-hook, so it’s much easier to find your place and grow together with the community.

Join Group

11. Ecom Addicts

Another smaller Facebook ads group with big knowledge and huge support. The creator and ecommerce expert Alex Steihl is always in the trenches and ready to respond to any questions or doubts regarding your agency or store.

On top of that, the entire community is as the name says – absolutely addicted to ecommerce. So besides running ads, you can also find opinions on third-party ecommerce tools, expert takes from the industry, and much more.

Join Group

12. ClickFunnels and Facebook Ads Mastermind

A niche community focusing on advertising lead pages created by ClickFunnels.

It’s a great place to find out more about optimizing ads for lead gen and how to advertise depending on which stage of the funnel.

Therefore, you don’t have to have a funnel built out on ClickFunnels to find value in this group.

Join Group

13.     Ad Buyers Job Board

As its name says, this is for those looking to join a media buying team or expand their business. The job applications are frequently updated and as the group is growing the more opportunities present themselves.

The community is well moderated so you can expect genuine, transparent offers from agencies across the world. Likewise, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a high-quality pool of media buyers to join your company as well.

Join Group

14. Trends Digital Marketing & E-commerce (Premium)

Trends is one of the most popular business & marketing communities in the world. Joining this group guarantees you’ll be in the driving seat when it comes to the latest e-commerce ideas, business trends, and marketing tips.

Subscription means you’ll gain access to numerous Facebook groups, but the two most important ones for Facebook ads are Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. These two separate groups are the gold standard of quality discussions, networking, and opportunities.

However, it’s a premium group so make sure you do your research before you commit.

Visit Trends

15.  Marketing Ninjas!

An old-timer group by Kevin David (renowned ads expert) with 100k+ members. It has everything from beginner Facebook ads learnings to intermediate-level tactics and tips.

It’s also a good place to check in from time to time for interesting posts and strategies as well as ask for help.

Join Group

Plenty More in the Advertising Sea

These are just the Facebook ads groups that we know of and wanted to share with you.

At the time of writing, there are probably dozens of upcoming communities brewing and growing. So make sure that you don’t stop here and find groups that suit your advertising needs as well.

Also, you can recommend other Facebook groups about advertising in the comments. We’ll be happy to add them!

Meanwhile, you can join our newsletter below and stay up to date with marketing news. We’re a growing community as well! 🚀

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