Facebook Store Examples to Help Increase Your Sales

facebook store examples

Since Facebook introduced their store (or since recently, Facebook shop), we’ve seen a surge of large brands setting up their shops on the platform.

Small businesses followed along, realizing the potential of social commerce. Especially in the midst of tectonic shifts in eCommerce (privacy updates, Facebook ads getting more complex, etc).

Having the entire buyer’s journey connected to one platform simplifies the buyers’ journey.

And not only that. It helps the platform accurately track data that you can later use for Facebook ads and other marketing channels.

So if you’re thinking of creating a Facebook shop, you’re on the right track.

But let’s get this straight – a small variation in your Facebook shop can make the difference between buyer converting and not converting.

So before we showcase some successful Facebook store examples we need to get the basics right.

Elements Of Successful Facebook Store

Not every Facebook store is the same.

If you plan on it to sit at the back of your Facebook page, you’re setting up for failure.

A converting Facebook store emphasizes the benefits of a positive shopping experience and utilizes all the features to make it happen.

Here’s what you should focus on when you set up your online store.

πŸ’‘ Note: Read our guide on how to set up a Facebook store if you’re not familiar with Facebook’s business manager.

Sorted Product Collection

Imagine going to an apparel store to buy a pair of jeans. Normally, you’d expect jeans to be in the jeans section.

But what if all types of clothes and collections are just mashed up on one shelf? Imagine the hustle it would take to find a perfect pair among all those t-shirts, socks, and other accessories.

The same happens to visitors coming to your Facebook store.

Make sure all your products are sorted into fitting collections/product catalogs that help users find what they’re looking for.

Here’s a good collection example:

the tiny tassel instagram shop collection

Tiny Tassel’s storefront has got everything sorted.

Each piece of accessory is finding its place in just the right collection, making it easy for a buyer to make a purchase decision.

On top of that, a collection has its own description giving you a glimpse of what you can expect “inside.”

Streamlined Buyer’s Journey

Online shopping is evolving and customers are starting to look for convenience.

Switching between platforms and slow, painful checkout processes are some things that will drastically lower conversion rates.

Luckily, Facebook is already looking to decrease the number of touchpoints required to make a purchase.

Features like Facebook pay, checkout, and integrating with storefront platforms keep buyers on the platform. They can complete their purchase without ever leaving Facebook!

Take a look at this product page for example:

facebook store examples bestself

Everything you need for a smooth purchase is right in front of you. Direct shop, add to cart, and Facebook pay.

And given that you’ve landed at the store from a Facebook post or an ad, you’ve completed your buyer’s journey without leaving the platform.

Smart Use Of Product Tags

Digital storefronts can make product photos look sterile and unnatural. Seeing a product you like “in action” can bring you notably closer to a purchasing decision.

That’s where product tags come in.

Facebook product tags help your customers identify products (and prices) from your organic Facebook photo.

Meaning you can post a photo of your product in use or in a natural environment and use the product tag to drive the customer to the shop page.

pull patch facebook store examples

Here’s how our partners at Pull Patch showcase their awesome Father’s Day gifts.

By displaying a real-life photo of their hats and removable patches so customers can see the product in the flesh.

Product tags both fast-track and elevate the shopping experience. Make sure you link them whenever you can on your Facebook page.


Did we mention that Facebook doesn’t want you to leave their platform to shop? For that reason, they’re bringing other storefront platforms to them.

This means that if you have (e.g) a Shopify store and you’re worried to migrate to a Facebook store, you don’t have to be.

facebook store shopify integration
Source: Shopify

With a quick, seamless integration, you can sync the two and manage them simultaneously.

So if a customer purchases something on a Facebooks shop, it will deduct from the Shopify inventory as well (and vice-versa).

A good Facebook store utilizes all the upsides of having a stand-alone store while also leveraging the capabilities of social commerce.

How to integrate Shopify with Facebook Shops? Read here.

Successful Facebook Store Examples

Below, we’ve picked a few Facebook shops that take advantage of the mentioned features.

Example #1 – Pink Tag Boutique

Pink Tag Boutique is a local, small business that went big on the Facebook store.

Since they set up their F-commerce, they’ve recorded $45k in sales from their Facebook shop, and almost 60% of AOV increase.

pink tag botique facebook shop example

Their success was so good that it ended up in an official Facebook case study.

Here are the key takeaways that made the success possible:

  • Frequent use of product tags (even on stories and ads)
  • Utilizing Facebook live shopping feature for product launch events
  • Facebook checkout’

To start their F-commerce venture, Pink Tag Boutique simply integrated their Facebook store with Shopify. A few simple clicks and voila – your stores are synced. That easy.

Example #2 – Ink Meets Paper

Ink Meets Paper is a paper accessories brand that really understood Facebook’s commerce vision.

While they have a WooCommerce storefront set up, they don’t link to it from their Facebook. Instead, they’ve optimized their entire page for smooth and Facebook-only shopping.

Here’s their page CTA leading you directly to their Facebook shop:

ink meets paper facebook shop checkout

By doing this, they’re encouraging users not to leave the platform.

Why would they? Here’s the Buy button or Add to cart button for a super smooth checkout.

Facebook can immediately pick up the shipping data from your profile and you can confirm the payment with Facebook pay.

Go to Store -> Pick an Item -> Buy -> Confirm

That’s just 4 clicks on Facebook to purchase a beautiful card on a unique paper press. Not bad!

Naughty Cookie is a mouth-watering vegan cookie store (and proud partner of TGM πŸ˜‡).

What makes their Facebook shop unique is their digital “shop window” display.

Have you ever seen a food photo that made you want to devour your laptop? That’s what Naughty Cookie does with their product tags.

Here’s one of their most recent posts:

naughty cookie product tag examples

What they do is immediately trigger your cravings for a sweet, healthy snack. And before you have a chance to repel, they’ll tempt you with a tag.

Click on it and you’ll land on their shop where you can initiate a smooth checkout. Before you know it, a box of delicious cookies is getting ready to ship to your address.

This streamlined journey also improves customer acquisition and fills up the remarketing bucket you can target with ads.

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Let’s Shop From Your Facebook Page!

These Facebook store examples are just tiny drops in the ocean. But they should help you get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve.

Undoubtedly, Facebook will introduce more features as Shops evolve (they’ve only been available since 2020).

Your business will start seeing better and better results as customers get used to shopping directly from their social network.

But before that happens, you need to set everything up and be ready for the shift. So what are you waiting for?

Have you set up your Facebook shop already? Are you using organic traffic or Facebook marketing to drive traffic to the storefront? What results are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, if you need help setting up your Facebook Shop or running Facebook ads, reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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