Top Giveaway Software Tools

Top giveaway tools

Social media giveaways are an exceptional means of growing a business quickly.

Brands that host giveaways on social media are able to generate tons of leads with a single giveaway. If done correctly, a social media giveaway can help you acquire high-quality leads.

The concept is simple. You put up a prize, get people to enter your giveaway by submitting their email, then randomly pick out a winner.

However, there’s plenty more work to be done. Especially if you want a successful giveaway that runs smoothly.

Lucky for you, most of the actions required to manage a giveaway can be automated. With the right giveaway software tools, you can easily create giveaways that will successfully boost your business and generate leads cheaply and efficiently.

Why You Need Giveaway Software Tools

As mentioned, the concept of a giveaway is simple, yet there is tons of work to be done.

There’s plenty of planning involved, launching and promoting your giveaway, and even selecting a winner fairly.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole buzz and make a few crucial mistakes that can cost you your reputation.

Because of this, it’s essential to make use of proper giveaway tools and resources that can help you with the workload and properly guide you when hosting your giveaway.

Here are some of the actions that giveaway software tools can assist you with:

  • Accept entries to your giveaway and compile a list
  • Direct users to your website
  • Get entrants to refer other people to enter the giveaway
  • Perform bonus actions (watch this video, download our app, etc.)
  • Pick out a winner at random

Most giveaway software tools allow you to embed an entry form on your website. There are even some services that allow you to create a giveaway landing page on their platform.

There are plenty of giveaway services out there. However, the options and services they offer differ from one another.

Because of this, we created a list of our personal favorites for you to compare yourself.


VYPER is a superb platform to run social media giveaways, contests, and referral programs.

vyper - top giveaway tool

With VYPER, you can host different types of giveaways and contests such as:

  • Viral Giveaway – Host a giveaway on a popular social network to acquire new leads and followers.
  • Viral Contest – Host a contest to boost leads, followers, and engagement. Then watch people compete for the prize.
  • Milestone Contest – Users can unlock rewards after completing bonus actions.
  • Leaderboard Contest – Users battle it out for the number 1 spot. The first place goes to the user who got the most points after completing bonus actions.

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Bonus Actions

VYPER has the option to allow your giveaway entrants to perform bonus actions.

Bonus actions can be any task that is specified by you, such as, ‘refer a friend’ or ‘follow us on Facebook.’

You can award users that perform bonus actions with additional entries to your giveaway. This will increase their chances of winning.

You can even use bonus actions when hosting a contest. Users can compete to gain the most points from completing bonus actions. The contestant with the most points wins.

Giveaway Landing Page

A unique feature of VYPER is its campaign landing page creator.

You can create a landing page for your giveaway using VYPER and host it on their platform. This means that you don’t need to design a page on your own website.

example contest - top giveaway tool

It’s even better for those who don’t have a website. The editor is simple and easy to use, making the process quick and simple.

Referral System

An awesome bonus to using VYPER is the fact that they are a referral platform as well. So if your giveaway is over, you can still use VYPER to manage your referral program.

VYPER allows your customers to use bonus actions to achieve points that can unlock rewards and store discounts.

The Pro account might seem ideal for small businesses. However, there are some brands that have managed to acquire more than 10k leads with a single contest with VYPER.

2. KingSumo

KingSumo is a simple giveaway tool that is built for WordPress websites. It’s easy to install and set up your first campaign. 

KingSumo once-off payment plans make it an excellent choice for brands looking to run small scale giveaways on a regular basis.

Kingsumo giveaway demo

Features include:

  • Option to use a web-based app or WordPress app
  • Can schedule your giveaway start and end dates 
  • Customization options that allow you to upload images and edit descriptions

KingSumo WordPress Integration

One of KingSumo’s greatest strengths is its WordPress plugin. It allows you to fully integrate the service to your WordPress website.

This can lead to more traffic for your website as users will have to visit your website to enter your giveaway.

KingSumo has also made it possible to host their giveaways on non-WordPress websites. 

So if you like the service and its pricing, you will be able to embed the plugin on your non-WordPress site.

3. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a popular giveaway platform used by many entrepreneurs and brands. The service is popular for its flexible embed options.

You can easily set up and host a giveaway for free on the Rafflecopter platform.


There’s also the option to embed giveaways on your website and directly integrate the giveaway with your Facebook page.

Features include:

  • Clean interface
  • Great customization options
  • Facebook integration

4. Rafflepress

RafflePress is another WordPress giveaway plugin. You can seamlessly integrate RafflePress to your website to create and manage contests and giveaways

RafflePress has templates and a drag and drop builder that makes customizing your giveaway an easy and simple task.

You can install and use the plugin for free.

rafflepress demo

Features include:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Fraud protection system that detects cheaters
  • Rule generator to help you with drafting contest rules
  • Templates to help with faster campaign creation

5. Gleam

Gleam is one of the most popular and pricy options on the list. Their services were made popular by big brands, social media influencers, and YouTubers.

With more than a hundred different integrations, Gleam is a great giveaway platform for:

  • Musicians looking to get more plays on their songs that are published on streaming services
  • Brands looking to increase traffic to their store
  • YouTubers and streamers that are looking to get more people to visit their videos and live streams
Gleam Facebook contest example

Features include:

  • Simple and quick entry methods
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Support for multiple languages


Online giveaways and contests have proven to be effective marketing tools. However, it can be challenging to manage a giveaway, especially if you are hosting them regularly. This is why most brands use giveaway services.

The giveaway services listed above are all great at managing giveaways. Most of them specialize in just giveaways and contests and are free to try. If all you are just planning on hosting a single giveaway, then you could open a free account on any of the services to see which one suits your brand’s needs best.

For those that are looking for something long term, services like VYPER and Gleam are ideal as they offer additional services like a rewards program.

Which giveaway service you recommend. Let us know in the comments below.

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