Choosing The Best Lead Generation Tactics

Why You Should Care About Lead Generation
Choosing the right lead generation tactics for your website can be hard. Especially because you need to tailor your strategies to the type of product or service you’re providing.

This blog post is going to go through a number of lead generation strategies you can apply to your business and help you identify the best one for you.

Why Use Lead Generation Tactics in Your Marketing Strategy?

Time and time again you hear start up entrepreneurs and business owners mention how valuable it is to have a list. How do you list?

Easy, through implementing lead generation tactics that get you the best results i.e cost to lead, also referenced as CPA. CPA meaning cost per acquisition, a acquisition can be a sale, lead, sign-up or any other important action taken on your website.


Why do you need list?

  1. Builds up a loyal following and social validation
  2. Direct contact customers and followers
  3. Direct contact to people willing to vouch for your brand
  4. A great asset for creating audiences for marketing
  5. Huge asset when partnering with other brands or generating revenue from advertising on your site
  6. Engaged audience of new product releases
  7. Outlet for sales or promotional offers

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of those lead generation tactics that you love and hate.

You cannot really survive without it, there is a huge amount of time investment with little results to start with. Maintaining a blog is time-consuming but well worth the SEO (organic traffic) in the long run.

Writing quality content can take time but it is best that you write your own articles to start with. Once you have a little bit of credibility you can then start doing guest posts on other people’s websites, having guest appearance blog posts on your website as well as outsource the article writing for non personal posts.

Once you start creating all of the awesome content you will have to start promoting it as well. You don’t want to spend hours writing an article to have no one see it so check out this post on some blog promotion tips.

The benefit of content marketing is obviously the organic traffic (can make up to 40-60% of all traffic) that accumulates over time. Depending on how aggressive your strategy is this can take a few months (2-4) all many months (6+).

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a relatively new lead generation tactic (compared to email or SEO) that is now making up large percentages website traffic now.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumbler and Google+ have allowed websites to generate their own targeted audiences on these social platforms.

This is a huge promotional environment opportunity for your brand, as well as a place you can build personality an engagement with your fans and followers (also potential customers).

In order to master social marketing you need to have consistency in your posting and brand messaging. This includes creating interesting and engaging content to share. Only self-promoting one in full posts keeps follow is happy intent is the content you’re delivering.

Need some ideas on what to post? Check this list of 105 content ideas.

The key success factor to this lead generation strategy is providing quality. A good way to think of this is by asking yourself “would I share this with my friends and family?”. If the answer is no you’re not posting high enough quality content.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing has growing in popularity as a lead generation tactic since the social networks have started offer ad placements to the scalability level of Google search (adwords paid platform).

Their are not only a huge number of ad impressions available on these platforms. But also a wide range of ad types (text, video, image, gif etc)

This is such a vital part of your  marketing strategy as it is the most aggressive and fast-moving way to acquire leads and customers. If you can find a positive balance between spending and customer LTV (lifetime value) the scalability of this method is very beneficial.

Making sure you understand your customer and provide quality ads is extremely important with paid marketing.

Without speaking to the customer or potential lead with a value proposition they understand or desire will lead to you wasting your money and the ad networks winning 🙁

The key to this strategy is to be on top of the latest media buying trends, build quality ads and master your audience targeting. A strong combination of these will generate a fantastic return on investment at a much faster rate than any of the other strategies.

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Written by Jack

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