Tik Tok Ads Library: How to Access and Use It For Your Campaigns

The TikTok Ads Library is a valuable tool for creators and marketers running campaigns on the platform.

Most big marketing platforms have ad libraries where you can check out what other advertisers are publishing.

Fortunately for you, very few advertisers actually take the time to find, let alone understand, these valuable resources.

Whether you’re an experienced advertiser on TikTok or just getting started, the Ads Library offers a publicly accessible platform to study ad trends and understand what resonates with viewers.

Here’s how to make the most of it. 

What is The TikTok Ads Library

The TikTok Ads Library is part of the broader Commercial Content Library (CCL) and serves to showcase advertisements and related commercial content shared on TikTok. 

Within this resource, you’ll find two main sections: the Ad Library and the Other Commercial Content section. 

The Ad Library specifically has advertisements that advertisers paid for on TikTok, including those not currently active or paused by the advertisers.

Ads will appear in the TikTok ads library for one year, starting from the first time any user has viewed them. That gives you plenty of time, but you should still start a repository of your own to save ads and ad details for longer.

tiktok ads library interface

Accessing the TikTok Ads Library

Step-by-Step Access Instructions

Navigating to the CCL is straightforward, and no TikTok account is necessary.

Simply visit the CCL website and initiate a search. You have the option to refine your search using various filters such as the target country, ad type, and publication date, or by entering specific advertiser names or keywords.

Once you’ve set your parameters, select ‘Search’ to view the results.

These can be organized by different metrics such as audience size and the dates the ad was shown. For additional information, selecting an ad card will reveal more about the ad’s reach and targeting specifics.

Navigating Through the Interface

The interface of the library is dead simple. There are a handful of filters you can set to narrow down the ads that it will show and you simply scroll down to see ads.

Let’s break down the key components of this interface:

1. Ad Target Country

At the top left, there’s a dropdown menu labeled “Ad target country”. This allows you to filter ads by the country they are targeting.

2. Ad Type

Next to the country filter is the “Ad type” dropdown. This menu lets you filter ads by different types such as image, video, carousel, etc. This is useful for narrowing down your search to specific ad formats.

3. Ad Published Date

You can filter ads by their publication date using the “Ad published date” range selector. This helps in finding ads that were active during a specific period and it’s very useful for seeing how advertisers respond to trends.

4. Advertiser Name or Keyword Search

There is also a search bar labeled “Advertiser name or keyword”. This feature allows you to search for ads by the advertiser’s name or specific keywords related to the ad content.

5. Ad Listings

Below the filters, you will see the ad listings. Each ad is presented with the following details:

  • First shown: The date when the ad was first displayed.
  • Last shown: The last date the ad was displayed.
  • Unique users seen: The number of unique users who have seen the ad.

Each ad listing includes a thumbnail, which, when clicked or hovered, will play the ad video or show the ad content.

6. View More Button

At the bottom of the ad listings, there is a “View more” button. Clicking this will load more ads matching your current filter criteria.

Use The TikTokAds Library to Steer Your Strategy

So you’ve nailed down the basics. Now, it’s time to put these tools to good use. The TikTok Ads Library can provide crucial insights to shape your advertising strategies.

By analyzing successful ad campaigns, you can learn about optimal ad types, effective keywords, and trending content.

Here are some of the ways that we use the TikTok Ads Library in our daily work:

Analyzing Competitors

One of the best uses of the TikTok Ads Library is to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

By studying their ads, you can gain insights into their strategies, identify their strengths, and find opportunities where you can do better.

Look for patterns in their ad types, messaging, and visuals. Note how often they change their ads and what kind of engagement their ads seem to get.

Spotting Trends

The Ads Library is a goldmine for spotting trends.

You can see what types of ads are popular at any given time.

  • Are more advertisers using video over images?
  • What kind of music or themes are trending?
  • Are there any common phrases or buzzwords that are currently popular?
  • What are the dominant color schemes or design elements?

By observing these trends, you can modify your ad strategy to align with what’s currently resonating with audiences.

This information can help you stay ahead of the curve and create ads that resonate with your target audience.

Improving Your Ads Like A marketing Professional Would

Seems obvious, but you can go really deep with this and use it as the Ads Library as the best-in-class TikTok ads crash course.

Here’s how:

By examining successful ads, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to the details—colors, fonts, calls to action, how language is used, etc.

Note your observations over time methodically. Create a structured source of information about what makes a great TikTok ad.

In addition to using this directly, you can then use AI tools to turn it into a teachable and dynamic resource for other people in your organization.

Benchmarking Performance

Use the Ads Library to benchmark your ad performance against others in your industry. 

  • How many unique users have seen similar ads? 
  • How long do successful ads run before they are paused or replaced? 

This information can help you set realistic expectations and goals for your campaigns.

Creating a Swipe File

A swipe file is a collection of ads that inspire you. 

As you browse the TikTok Ads Library, save the ads that stand out. Over time, this file will become a valuable resource for ideas and inspiration. It’s especially useful when you’re brainstorming for new campaigns.

The TikTok ads library gives you a lot of information about each ad, and you’ll want to save it all for future reference. If you click on an ad, you’ll get a lot more information about it. You can see what demographics the advertiser chose for targeting, which interests (if applicable), and a whole lot more.

One approach is to use a simple spreadsheet as a swipe file.

Set Up Your Digital Workspace: Create a dedicated folder on your computer or a cloud storage service like Google Drive. Inside this folder, create subfolders categorized by different ad types, industries, or themes.

Use Spreadsheets for Organization: Use Google Sheets or Excel to create a detailed database. Include columns for:

  • Ad Title
  • Advertiser Name
  • First Shown Date
  • Last Shown Date
  • Unique Users Seen
  • Ad Type
  • Key Elements/Features
  • Engagement Metrics (if available)
  • URL to Ad (if accessible)
  • Ad Id
  • And so on… include whatever properties you think will be important when you use the swipe file in the future.

Regularly Browse and Collect Ads: Schedule regular times to browse the TikTok Ads Library. Use filters to find relevant ads, and save screenshots or videos.

Tagging and Categorization: In your spreadsheet, use tags to categorize each ad, such as “high engagement,” “trending music,” or “innovative design.”

Putting in the work to organize your swipe file will pay off in the long run. When you share it with your team, anyone will be able to jump in and start contributing in a standardized way.

Adapting Themes or Concepts From Succesful Ads

Identify what contributes to the success of high-performing ads by examining their formats, styles, and targeting approaches. 

Notice the popular hashtags and trending audio that have been beneficial for others. This knowledge is crucial when you’re incorporating these successful elements into your own campaigns.

While the library provides insights into how ads are targeted, it may not reveal every detail of the advertisers’ strategies. 

However, you can still gain a good understanding of the targeting approaches used. Incorporating UGC can also enhance your campaign’s authenticity and engagement.

Enhance Your TikTok Ad Strategy

Harnessing the power of the TikTok Ads Library is more than just a peek into the vast world of trending content; it’s a strategic tool to amplify your ad performance. 

By keeping an eye on the successful campaigns and creative trends within the platform, you can infuse proven elements into your own strategies, ensuring your brand’s voice resonates in the TikTok universe.

We use the TikTok ad library regularly to inform our strategies. And we can help you leverage it to make the most out of your ads. 

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