Top 15 Shopify Experts To Help Grow Your Business

Let’s face it, running a profitable Shopify store is a daunting endeavor—and to make sure yours keeps growing, you need to cover many bases. 

Some of the most crucial aspects of your store include: 

  • Irresistible advertising to grow, scale, and retain your customers
  • Great developers to maintain a smooth, technical backend
  • Expert e-commerce SEO to draw traffic to your website organically

Given how hard it is for a single person to handle all this, we highly advise you to delegate work on your shop’s weaker points. With so many Shopify experts, however, it’s hard to choose the best one for your business. 

That’s why we’ve come up with the list of the 15 best names that will help you grow and scale your e-commerce brand. But first, let’s see who these experts are.

Who are Shopify Experts?

When looking for Shopify experts, you may encounter three different types. They are:

  1. Shopify Experts is an official program by Shopify that recognizes individuals or agencies with expertise in various aspects of e-commerce. It’s Shopify’s way of recognizing professionals or agencies who have demonstrated proficiency in work within the platform.
  2. Tried and tested e-commerce agencies with a proven track record of getting results for Shopify stores, mostly through advertising, development, or content marketing.
  3. Individual Shopify consultants, or industry leaders who earned their rep overseeing or managing e-commerce store owners’ advertising operations.

And while partnering with someone who’s a part of the official Shopify experts program means you’ll work with someone the platform itself is vouching for—that doesn’t mean experts that ain’t a part of this program won’t do a top-notch job. 

Best Shopify Experts You Can Hire

As already mentioned, every successful Shopify store needs good advertising, optimized SEO, and a well-developed page. Here are our top 5 experts in each of these categories.

Top 5 Shopify Advertising Experts

Jack Paxton

Jack is the very founder of Top Growth Marketing, our full-scale marketing agency that focuses on growing your eCommerce business.

He has more than a decade of digital marketing experience, specializing in customer acquisition and transforming businesses through engaging campaigns. During this time, he managed to grow startups to multimillion-dollar companies.

With an ad spend of over $300 million on Shopify platform throughout his career, he’s a great

Contact Jack Paxton

The Digital Media Collective

Also known as TDMC, this digital marketing agency aims to provide strategic marketing solutions to businesses.

They help clients maximize their online presence, increase visibility, and drive measurable results through customized and data-driven marketing strategies.

TDMC also has partnerships with Shopify, Meta, and Google.

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OptiWeb Marketing

OptiWeb Marketing offers multiple services, but its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most prominent.

They cater to businesses looking to enhance their online presence and drive growth.

You can expect their tailored strategies and SEO leverage to both boost website traffic and generate leads for your clients.

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Claudia Howard

If your focus is on improving your email and/or SMS marketing, Claudia should be your go-to expert.

She’s been a Shopify partner since 2014, during which time she has helped more than 700 Shopify stores skyrocket their revenue.

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MLveda is an e-commerce technology company specializing in developing apps and solutions for Shopify merchants.

They create innovative tools and applications to improve the functionality and performance of Shopify stores.

MLveda’s apps are designed to optimize conversions, improve customer engagement, and streamline various aspects of e-commerce operations.

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Top 5 Shopify Development Experts

IT Geeks

With over 5000 completed Shopify projects and more than 200 team members, it’s hard to beat IT Geeks when it comes to store development.

Whichever Shopify store they work with, they aim to increase its performance, revenue, usability, and code quality.

As an agency solely focused on Shopify, it’s no matter how they have thousands upon thousands of positive reviews.

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CedCommerce provides a range of products and services for various online businesses.

They notably develop Shopify extensions, plugins, and integrations, but also perform marketplace integration and multi-channel selling.

Their track record mentions helping clients boost ROAS by 175%, website traffic by 1.5 times, and even boosting sales twice within 2 weeks.

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A small agency that’s been a Shopify partner for nearly 10 years, Mote consists of dedicated people with a serious knack for design.

It is one of the few agencies that’s been invited by Shopify for a case study.

It offers services both for Shopify and Shopify Plus and is proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Liquid, etc.

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If you’re looking to make your sales pages look irresistible, consider teaming up with Webinopoly.

Their Shopify experts apparently take their design seriously, with a respectable portfolio filled to the brim with various solutions.

Their results include increasing conversion rates by around 70%, increasing the order value by 15-20%, and reducing bounce rates by 20%.

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Small in size, but with great experience, Clovecode is dedicated to both web design and web development for Shopify with more than 8 years of experience and 2000+ positive reviews.

Some of their services are Shopify store development and redesign, store migrations, theme customizations, and payment gateway integrations.

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Top 5 Shopify SEO Experts


Seoplus+ is a renowned agency that covers SEO, content marketing, brand design, social media, and many other aspects of online business. It also provided its services to various different online stores.

However, being a Shopify Partner since 2015, its main focus is on Shopify SEO, and it also gives SEO audits.

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Whitecap SEO

The Whitecap team specializes in SEO across many online marketplaces, including a wide range of strategies specifically for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

One of their main goals is improving your traffic, search engine rankings, and sales, targeting each and every ecommerce business in a unique manner.

One of their most prominent results is increasing organic website views by 100 times.

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Go Fish Digital

Various forms of SEO, both inside Shopify and out, are Go Fish Digital’s forte.

Speed optimization, technical SEO, content optimization, and UX improvements are only part of what this agency is capable of doing.

They also have many big achievements such as increasing a Shopify site’s ROI by 3800% and increasing a company’s year-over-year revenue by 96%.

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Eastside Co

Another agency that has many SEO experts is Eastside Co.

This versatile Shopify Plus partner covers SEO audits and reporting, competitor analysis, technical SEO, SEO reporting, as well as local and international SEO.

Some of their clients were Carex, Ford, and Chelsea FC.

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Stryde, of all things, also names SEO, as well as enterprise SEO, as one of its strongest links.

It has two different frameworks for each of these. Website optimization, content creation, and link building are the main steps of their SEO framework.

With enterprise SEO, technical SEO is also included beforehand.

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Get ‘Em Experts

With the increasing complexity of Shopify, hiring an expert just keeps becoming a better way of growing your store.

From advertising and development to SEO, you can rest assured that these Shopify experts will take your business to new heights.

Whether you’re having optimization issues or would like to increase your revenue, we hope that we’ve covered exactly what your store needs.

What are you looking for?


Top Growth Marketing

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