Scaling Your E-commerce Store: Insights from Neil Patel

As e-commerce store owners, we know the importance of creating an impactful brand and optimizing our digital strategy for success. 

Today, I decided to delve into the lessons learned in an early episode of our Blitz Growth podcast.

The man himself, Neil Patel, a renowned SEO expert, and digital marketing thought leader, about his modus operandi.

And for this blog, I wanted to extract some of the takeaways you can use for your e-commerce strategy.

Personal Branding: The Unexpected Journey

One of the remarkable aspects of Neil Patel’s journey is that his personal brand wasn’t a calculated move, but a byproduct of his genuine effort to educate and guide others. 

Neil’s brand evolved from consistently providing valuable content through his blog, conferences, and videos.

And if you’re skeptical about how important content is for your e-commerce store, think again.

E-commerce companies like Beardbrand are absolutely killing it with their blog and video content and that’s translating into huge sales.

Beardbrand has a blog with hundreds of useful resources not only about maintaining your beard, but the entire men lyfestyle

The 2 key takeaways for e-commerce store owners are:

  • Be patient: Building a brand is a long-term game; it’s not an overnight success.
  • Provide value for your customers: Make sure your brand represents something that genuinely helps others.

Content Creation: A Long-term Investment

When it comes to creating content, consistency is key. Neil Patel’s YouTube channel, for instance, had to produce about 150-200(!) videos before it started gaining significant traction. 

Ali Abdaal, one of the most successful YouTube creators has a similar story. His estimate for real success in the YouTube content game is creating two videos a week for two years. 

Content marketing is a lynchpin for e-commerce brands. Whether you’re educating customers, driving organic visibility, or building trust, content marketing is the ideal tool to do it. 

Don’t underestimate the long-term value of a solid content plan.

Marrying SEO and Customer Needs

Neil highlights the importance of balancing SEO keyword-focused content with content that addresses customer needs. 

He suggests a 60/40 split, with the larger portion dedicated to engaging with customers through advanced content and regular updates to existing content. 

The goal is to both rank well on search engines and resonate with your customers.

Airbnb has a fantastic blog where they publish truly valuable travel guides for locations all over the globe. It’s a perfect intersection of valuable content that can convert readers into customers who will need a place to stay when they get to their dream vacation spot.

A Harmonious Blend of Organic and Paid Strategies

Neil advocates for a combination of organic and paid strategies. 

His viewpoint resonates with e-commerce strategies.

💡 A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 50% of your revenue to come from organic traffic. 

And that’s no easy feat. In fact, you may find yourself investing in promoting your content strategies with paid traffic.

It’s a sort of tiered strategy where you’re paying for indirect sales rather than running ads directly to your product pages and promotions.

Since promoting content is comparatively much cheaper, you’d be surprised at how lucrative content promotion can be.

This kind of orthogonal ad campaign is something you can outsource to specialized marketing agencies that can reliably track data across various channels and referring sources.

The key, though, is to have content worth promoting.

The Power of Ownership Over Your Audience

Neil shares an interesting perspective on “owning” your customer base via channels like email and SMS, as opposed to “renting” your audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

In this context, ownership implies having direct control over your customer relationships, which is a more sustainable and secure approach.

We preach this constantly. The sooner you start collecting first-party data about your customers, the sooner you can start having peace of mind and stop relying on someone else’s platform.

So, get those sing up forms going and start producing content that people will be thankful to receive.

Neil’s Top 3 Tips for E-commerce Content Creators

Lastly, here are Neil’s top three tips for e-commerce content creators:

  • Prioritize high-quality content: Differentiate yourself with content that incorporates various formats, such as audio, video, carousels, and text.
  • Update your content regularly: Allocate 20-50% of your time to refine and update existing content. This can continue to drive traffic and brand awareness.
  • Keep up the consistency and build a list: Use email lists, push notification lists, and messenger bot lists to maintain control over your audience reach.

E-Commerce, according to Neil

In essence, Neil’s insights emphasize the importance of personal branding, the power of consistent content creation, and the benefits of combining organic and paid marketing efforts.

Implement these lessons to effectively scale and grow your e-commerce business.

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