Top 5 LinkTree Alternative Tools That Solve Link-In-Bio Issue

As a content creator, you probably already have dozens of different links to share with your audience. 

Your blog, merch website, different social media profiles all have a different web address..

However, most popular content platforms like Instagram limit the number of links in your profile bio to just one.

Something doesn’t add up, right?

Tools like LinkTree allow you to bypass this issue by creating a hub of links on a single page. This effectively creates a “micro landing page” for all your profiles, websites, and other ventures.

these micro landing pages are an outstanding tool for everything from sharing your content to lead capture and finding new audiences.

However, content creators diversifying are platforms and jumping to different revenue models like subscriptions and memberships. With that in mind, just posting links and diverting traffic can soon become insufficient. 

Let’s see if there’s a LinkTree alternative that adapts beter to the new epoch of content creation.

LinkTree – What Works and What Could Be Better 

LinkTree has one purpose and it does it well. It solves the “link in bio problem” and helps link your Instagram followers with your other online profiles.

First off, it allows you to put unlimited links to your profile so you keep all your online profiles in one place.


The seamless design and ease of use allow you to master the tool quite easily. You can customize your profile with different themes, fonts, button styles, etc.

Furthermore, you can also integrate it with other tools such as Facebook Pixel, YouTube, Twitch, and others.

It also does a good job when it comes to analytics and tracking. You can implement UTM tags and meta titles so you can track data without an issue.

However, the free plan won’t be enough if you want to enjoy most of the above features.

The PRO plan offers much more design freedom and an opportunity to make your LinkTree profile unique for your followers. On the bright side, it’s one of the cheapest PRO plans at just $6/month.

One of the biggest downsides is that the tool will charge you a transaction fee on Commerce links. These links allow visitors to shop directly from your LinkTree profile. But they’ll charge you a 1.75% fee (or 0.5% for the PRO plan).

Overall, LinkTree is a great link hub that works great with Instagram. However, with content creation evolving you may need a more powerful tool in the future.

LinkTree Pros

–        Unlimited links

–        Great tracking with a free plan

–        Archive links that you don’t use (without deleting them)

–        A huge number of possible integrations

–        Hands-on developers that always add new features

–        Cheap PRO plan ($6)

LinkTree Cons

–        Too Instagram specific

–        Transaction fees with pro plan

–        Limited (no embedding, link previews, image snippets)

Best LinkTree Alternative

New micro landing page tools have started emerging in recent years aiming to dethrone LinkTree. Can they manage such a feat?

Absolutely. Let’s check out some of the best LinkTree alternative tools that will make your life easier.

A newcomer on the scene, seems to have figured out the needs of a modern content creator.

It doesn’t act primarily as a link hub. Instead, it aims to turn your bio page into an easy-to-navigate customizable micro membership page.

This means that the tool serves as a go-to place for your audience to support you and track all your content updates.

The intuitive designer allows you to place every piece of content into a separate box. Be it a link to your profile on a social platform, your new Soundcloud song, or your latest product.


Using drag-and-drop, you can pick and choose the order of these boxes or simply remove them if no longer needed.

However, the design aspect is not the best bit about the tool. It’s ecommerce and marketing capabilities. offers something no bio link tool does – create subscriptions and memberships. You don’t have to link to any crowdfunding or donation service. Instead, you can paywall your content and grant access to your subscribers directly from the tool.

The same goes for donations and digital products. You can sell your digital products and handles the aftermath (payment, delivery, security…)


Moreover, the tool is compatible with GTM, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics. So you can stay up to date with analytics.  You can also import your own scripts for personalized data tracking.

As a cherry on top, there are no transaction fees! That’s right, you’ll keep whatever you earn.

One of the downsides is that might be too complex for those that only want to focus on Instagram. And so far they only offer 2 payment gateways (Stripe & Paypal). Plus. If you don’t commit to a not-so-cheap Pro plan, you won’t be able to sell products directly.

But overall, is a breath of fresh air and probably a sign of things to come when it comes to content creator tools. Pros:

–        Add content snippets and link thumbnails to your page

–        Marketing and ecommerce-ready (email opt-in, analytics, payments)

–        Sell subscriptions and memberships

–        Receive donations and user requests directly

–        Sell products directly

–        No transaction fees

–        User-friendly and pre-made templates

–        Free plan Cons:

–        Only two payment gateways

–        Freemium (got to pay for good features)

–        $20/month could put beginner creators off is another LinkTree alternative that allows you to do much more than just post links.

Just like, it allows you to display pieces of content from other platforms directly. This makes your bio page much more interactive and richer with information.

For example, if you post your blog on Medium – you can import a part of it directly on your page. Or you can easily embed your podcast from Spotify or just showcase your music taste. These are just some of the tool’s possibilities (yes, there’s plenty).

The design part is also intuitive and smooth. Even if you never used the tool before, it won’t take you long to master everything. Once you sync your profiles you can choose which content to display and how to display it. Then you can switch their positions until you find a perfect formula.


On top of everything, the tool is completely free! They scrapped the $10 pro plan a while ago and now everyone can enjoy full benefits without spending a dime.

Overall, the tool has some minor limitations compared to for example. However, it can fulfill your basic “link in bio” needs and make your personal page look awesome. Pros:

–        Integrations with the majority of content creation platforms

–        Great design & customization options

–        Embed pieces of content on your page

–        Completely free Cons:

–        Can’t track analytics

–        Unable to sell directly from personal page

–        No memberships, subscriptions, or direct donations


Just like the above tools, Shorby makes designing micro landing pages quick and simple.

It offers a smooth design tool with three different box types – messengers, blocks, and social profiles.

Obviously, messenger blocks allow you to place your Viber, Telegram, Messenger, or other direct chat links (or even a phone number!) so visitors can contact you directly. Perfect for business!’


The blocks offer plenty of customization options. From giving your content box a title to adding an image, a link, and a button.

There’s also an option to choose different layouts and integrate pixels so you can track data.

On the other hand, you can’t change the order of the three box types. Hence you need to follow the same structure – Messenger box goes on top, block content in the middle, and social profiles at the bottom.

No free plan is another big downside. If you want to commit to Shorby you’ll have to cash out at least $12/month since that’s the cheapest option.

Shorby can be a great simple tool for small businesses. However, if you’re a content creator you’d probably want more especially for the price.

Shorby Pros:

–        Extremely user friendly

–        Plenty of customization options

–        Direct chat links

–        Tracking

Shorby Cons:

–        No free plan

–        The cheapest plan is a tad pricey


Tap.Bio adds something different to the “traditional” design of the tools above.

Instead of a normal layout with blocks of content beneath one another, Tap.Bio looks like a set of Instagram stories.

Every story card represents one content box you can use to showcase content from other platforms, drive traffic with external links, and a bunch of things you’d do with your regular “link in bio” tool.


The biggest upside is that you can connect multiple Instagram accounts to the tool and seamlessly navigate between those profiles.

Furthermore, Tap.Bio offers some good marketing tools such as AdSense retargeting, email opt-in cards, and analytics.  

But on the flip side, the entire thing is mostly optimized for mobile and Instagram-centric. Meaning that you’ll encounter a bottleneck if you ever want to make a jump from the platform.

So plan out your content creation future carefully before you make a final decision. You can always try the tool for free, though!

Tap.Bio Pros

–        Unique design

–        Slick templates make it near impossible to create a bad card

–        Connect multiple accounts (with paid)

–        Good marketing tools (with paid)

–        Completely free if you want to link only one profile

Tap.Bio Cons

–        Too focused on the Instagram experience

–        Optimized for mobile users


ContactInBio is another Linktree alternative that recognizes the big picture when it comes to content creation.

First up, it adds up on regular features of similar tools with some important ecommerce integrations. For example, you can sell using 40+ payment gateways that you can embed directly to the website.

Combine it with the ability to embed your products directly to the micro page. It allows you to sell stuff to your audience without them leaving the micro landing page.


However, the tool has a big design issue. It just seems overwhelmed and stacked regardless of how you try and customize it. In the era of minimalist, smoothly organized landing pages, the UX of the tool appears overwhelming.

But if you want to display everything you have on your repertoire, from direct chats, social media platforms, music services, blogs… You can do it.

And lastly, it integrates well with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics so you can track data, test, and retarget users without any issues.

The free plan is available for starter creators. But if you want to utilize the full ecommerce and marketing features of your micro landing page, you may want to get at least a business account ($7).

ContactInBio Pros

–        Feature-rich

–        A huge number of payment gateways

–        Integrations with Google & Facebook

–        Free plan available

ContactInBio Cons

–        The best features are behind a paywall

–        Not the smoothest design

–        No direct donations, subscriptions, or memberships

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Verdict: The Best LinkTree Alternative Is…

Nowadays, a simple link in bio tool is just not enough if you’re serious about being a content creator.

It’s enough to make a whole bunch of awesome Instagram content anymore. And, new micro landing pages just offer so much more in terms of displaying all your stuff in one place.

Among Linktree alternative tools, stands out as a newcomer that realizes the importance of new business models of content creators. It combines impeccable design with ready-made features for digital entrepreneurship.

And while the paid option may put beginners off, you can test the waters with a free plan. Whatever you choose, one thing’s for certain – you need to gear up and get that hub going. It’s the future of content.

What are you looking for?


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