There is no doubt that there is a direct correlation with customer acquisition performance and revenue, if you are wondering what the missing piece is in your digital strategy let the below infographics explain the lifestyle and importance of customer acquisition.

Take note of the marketing lifecycle and how you should never stop testing, collecting information and innovating.

Customer acquisition is a non stop marketing effort that definitely pays off!

The important aspects in this cycle is choosing a marketing channel that fits your target audience then developing a value proposition they can’t resist!


customer acquisition journey


The below graphic breaks down the 2 steps of making money! Acquisition and retention, it is possible to have one without the other but definitely not recommended.

A solid acquisition and high retention rate is the winning combination to a successful online business.

Customer Acquisition and Retention


Below are a few stats that should make you aware of how important customer acquisition is for your online business.

Not only the acquisition but the retention as well. Repeat purchases spend 33% more on average than new customers.


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