How to Find Micro-Influencers For Your Brand in 2024?

When someone mentions the term “influencer,” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

You probably think Kim Kardashian, Kaby Lhame, or Charli D’Amelio. That’s normal.

These multi-million dollar celebrities might promote heavy hitters like Hugo Boss or Dunkin’—but what about your business?  

Believe it or not, you’ll be better off slashing a few zeros from that follower count. And find influencers that are extremely popular in their nice, little, super-engaged circle.

Yep, we’re talking about micro-influencers. And now you’ll see why less is more.

What are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers are content creators on social media platforms with a smaller, yet highly engaged following. 

This following typically ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 followers.

Think your favorite home decor Instagram content creator with 50k followers. Or a video game streamer with 90k subscribers who have dealt with a gaming equipment brand and promotes it to their insanely engaged audience.

Well, that gaming—or any other industry—brand… It could be your brand. 

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How many micro-influencers are there? According to Buffer, there could be over 157M micro-influencers all ready to partner with your brand.

This makes it both good and bad. 

Good, because with so many different content creators on different platforms, there’s for sure a content creator perfect for your brand.

Bad, because it gets more difficult to hit the nail on the head. 

So why should you try? Let’s see.

Why You Should Look For Micro-Influencer?

There’s plenty of reasons. 

Micro-influencers tend to specialize in a specific niche or area of interest, such as beauty, fitness, food, gaming, or lifestyle. Or pretty much anything you imagine. 

Here’s a sleeping mattress collaborating with a content creator that specializes in ASMR—a technique of manipulating sounds to bring a state of calmness. A match made in heaven:

(at the time, Gibi had less than 100k subscribers, now she has almost 5M)

They all provide content that is highly relevant to their followers—so users follow them because they find value in their content and respect it. 

This makes them effective for brands looking to target specific demographics or interest groups.

To sum up, here’s why collaborating with micro-influencers is a viable option:

  • Higher Engagement Rates: Micro-influencers typically have more engaged audiences, resulting in better interaction and visibility for brand messages.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Collaborating with micro-influencers is often more affordable than partnering with larger influencers or celebrities.
  • Niche Targeting: Micro-influencers specialize in specific niches, making it easier for brands to reach their target demographics.
  • Authenticity: Micro-influencers are perceived as more genuine and trustworthy, enhancing the credibility of the brands they endorse.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The personal connection micro-influencers have with their audience can lead to higher conversion rates for product recommendations and promotions.

Now let’s look at how to find one.

How to Find Micro-Influencers: Tried and Tested Tactics

First, Prepare For Micro-Influencers

Before you start, you should do your due diligence.

And by that, we mean four things:

  • Determine your target audience: This is something you should already know. But writing it down will help you get the influencer you need.
  • Set clear goals: Do you want reach, engagement, leads, conversions? This will help you structure a deal and prepare for the search.
  • Compile a list of benchmarks: How much money are you willing to spend? How many followers should your creators have? What engagement rates are you looking for?
  • Choose your ideal platform: Is it Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, something else? Each platform caters to different marketing objectives, with Instagram influencers ideal for e-commerce through its visual and shopping features, and YouTube for storytelling and product demos.

Afer you’ve done all this, you’re ready for your micro-influencer quest.

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Harness the Power of Hashtags and Keywords

Your micro-influencer search starts on social media.

Social media platforms are equipped with robust search features, enabling you to unearth posts, profiles, and conversations anchored in particular subjects of interest.

Savvy micro-influencers are well-aware of the magnetic pull of well-chosen hashtags and strategically employ them to draw the attention of potential brand partners looking for a fruitful collaboration.

A simple search for #gardening on TikTok provides tons of viral gardening accounts:

Easy, right?

This tactic not only simplifies the process of finding influencers who are a perfect fit for your brand’s ethos but also reveals those who are actively seeking partnerships, thereby streamlining the initial outreach and engagement process.

Find Micro-Influencers on Dedicated Platforms

There are tons of platforms designed to bridge the gap between brands and influencers.

They are tailored specifically to assist in aligning your brand with the ideal influencer, ensuring a perfect fit for your campaign objectives and audience demographics, albeit for a service charge.

So all the stuff you’ve prepared – including metrics, budget, and other benchmarks can be used at these databases.

source: Upfluence

Well-known names in this space include Insense, Impact, Upfluence, among others, recognized for their excellence in facilitating successful brand-influencer collaborations.


Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Imagine you are a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes….

While fashion influencers with a passion for sustainability are an obvious choice for partnerships, the brand could also benefit from collaborating with environmental activists and lifestyle influencers who emphasize minimalism and conscious living.

Exploring beyond your immediate niche to include micro-influencers from related fields can significantly enhance the reach and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Why not look for a content creator with more followers? 

Two words—strategy and cash.

Even though at first glance, partnering with someone with a vast audience might seem more advantageous… that’s not always the case. 
First, micro-influencers often boast higher engagement rates than their more popular counterparts. Their followers are more likely to interact with the content, including likes, comments, and shares, because they perceive a closer, more personal connection.

They also have a more defined and niche audience, allowing you more precise targeting. Plus, this audience sees their favorite creators as trustworthy, often seeing their recommendations as social validation and not as a promotion. 

Related to that, micro-influencers also offer more personalized and dedicated attention to brands—which means you may get more thoughtful and authentic content.  

Go Big, Go Micro

Micro-influencers offer a high-value, cost-effective strategy for brands looking to connect with specific audiences through authentic, engaged partnerships. 

Their niche expertise and loyal followings ensure targeted reach and higher engagement rates, making them an essential component of modern marketing efforts. 

Go micro, and watch your brand grow in resonance and reach. 
And if you need any help—feel free to reach out.

What are you looking for?


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