How to Collaborate With Brands: A Complete 2024 Guide

You’ve got juicy content that amassed a decent following.

So what’s next? It’s time to monetize it.

However, doing so will require you to roll up your influencer sleeves and find out how to collaborate with brands effectively. Luckily, you’re at the right address to learn just that!


    What Is Brand Collaboration and How Does it Work?

    The creator-brand collaboration partnership revolves around content creation. 

    It’s simple on paper, as influencers only need to leverage their platforms and audience trust to introduce and endorse a brand’s offerings. 

    However, such partnerships are hard to find as they need to ensure authenticity and alignment with the influencer’s persona, thereby fostering a natural connection with the audience. 

    The core of these collaborations lies in the strategic exchange of value:

    • Influencers gain access to exclusive products, compensation, or broader exposure
    • Brands benefit from the influencer’s credibility and targeted audience engagement. 

    This symbiotic relationship not only expands the brand’s visibility but also enhances the influencer’s portfolio, making it a potent marketing strategy. 

    And if you’re an influencer, it’s probably a strategy that requires your complete attention.

    🤳🏼 TikTok influencer/creator collab content has been shown to dramatically increase engagement, with ads created for TikTok with creator partnership achieving 65% higher 2-second view rates and 91% higher 6-second view rates compared to ads created for TikTok without creator partnership​​ [source].

    Why You Should Collaborate With Brands

    The main benefits of working with other brands are obvious.

    We’ve connected dozens of content creators and social media influencers with e-commerce brands we work with, and the benefits were always the same:

    • More Credibility. Working with esteemed brands can bolster your reputation as a content creator—positioning you as a trusted authority in their niche. This perceived credibility is crucial in cultivating a loyal and engaged audience.
    • Increased Exposure. Brand collaborations provide you with the opportunity to be featured in larger marketing campaigns, extending your reach to new audiences. This exposure is invaluable for growing a following and enhancing brand visibility.
    • Financial Benefits. Collaborations often come with monetary compensation, sponsorship deals, or free products, contributing to a content creator’s income and enabling further growth and development of their brand. Put simply, more money for you.
    • Creative Freedom. Partnering with brands offers you a canvas for creativity where you can experiment with new styles and content that aligns with your audience’s interests. This creative liberty not only enriches your portfolio but also introduces fresh perspectives to the partnered brand’s offerings. Win-win.

    🤳🏼 Google says that brands who partner with YouTube creators boost their brand awareness by 4x on average. A stat you can leverage when negotiating a potential brand collab.

    Types of Brand Partnerships You Can Leverage

    If you ever tried to set up a collab with a brand, you’d know that there are different types of collabs out there. 

    But there’s one that we particularly love. And one that we often set up for our e-commerce brand clients with the help of you, content creators.

    Most Profitable: The Social Media Channel Takeover Method

    The Channel Takeover Method is a digital marketing strategy that blends influencer marketing with paid advertising, specifically on social media platforms like Facebook. 

    It involves a brand gaining access to an influencer’s social media profiles through their Facebook Business Manager. 

    This type of influencer collab is super successful for both the content creator and the brand—which we confirmed by hooking up dozens of creators and clients ourselves.

    The brand can then create and run paid ads directly from the influencer’s page, effectively “taking over” the influencer’s channel to promote their products or services to a highly targeted audience. 

    This approach leverages the trust and engagement the influencer has built with their followers, potentially leading to increased brand awareness, social validation, and return on investment for the brand through a more authentic and direct form of advertising.

    influencer channel takeover method

    Caption: Paul Seibert—a photographer and influencer—promoting Topaz Labs, an AI image-enhancing tool—via his social media profile, but boosted by expert ad management.

    Most Prominent: Standard Influencer Partnerships

    Influencer partnerships involve you—the creator with a significant social following—with various brands, usually in a similar niche.

    The aim is to tap into the influencers’ engaged audiences, leveraging their credibility to promote products or services. 

    These partnerships can range from one-off product endorsements to long-term ambassadorships, offering brands a direct line to niche markets and personalized communities.

    One example is how Dunkin’ collaborated with Charli D’Amelio—a TikTok star with a massive following—to promote its products. The result is Dunkin’s significant surge in sales, particularly their coffee line which was the biggest subject of promotion.

    how to get an influencer partnership and collaboration

    On a micro level, an influencer popular in a particular niche can promote a product that solves a problem in that industry.

    Brand-to-Brand Promotions: Product and Service Co-Branding 

    Co-branding emerges when two or more brands combine their strengths to create a new product, service, or experience. 

    This strategy allows companies to blend their resources, expertise, and market appeal, resulting in something uniquely beneficial to all parties involved. 

    Co-branding can manifest through joint product lines, service collaborations, or even co-created experiences, such as pop-up shops or themed cafes. It’s a versatile approach that can significantly amplify brand visibility and consumer interest.

    A good example of this would be GoPro and Red Bull’s collab. GoPro, a company known for its action cameras, and Red Bull, an energy drink brand, teamed up to create content that appeals to adventure and sports enthusiasts. 

    brand-to-brand promotion example

    Industry Collaborations

    Industry collaborations are alliances between companies operating within the same sector, focusing on broader industry-level goals rather than direct consumer marketing. 

    These partnerships often aim to develop standards, engage in joint research and development, or advocate for regulatory changes. 

    While the impact on consumers may be indirect, these collaborations play a crucial role in shaping industry practices, fostering innovation, and addressing sector-wide challenges.

    Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Collaborations

    Closely related to influencer partnerships, KOL collaborations involve engaging with leading figures in specific industries or niches.

    These key opinion leaders bring deep expertise and authority in their fields, offering brands a credible platform to promote their products or services. 

    Collaborations with KOLs can include sponsored content, product reviews, and joint research initiatives, providing brands with a potent mix of reach and respectability. 

    So if you’re a KOL in your industry, say a huge fashion critic, collaboration with a fashion brand could benefit that brand immensely in establishing itself as the best on the market. And you’d get equally compensated.

    How To Set Up a Collaboration With Another Brand?

    Before stepping into the influencer arena, you need to plan your moves.

    Here’s how to position yourself for successful partnerships that not only benefit your brand but also align with the goals of potential collaborators.

    how to prepare for a collab with another brand

    Define Your Goals and Set Your Worth

    Whether it’s growing your follower base, diversifying your income streams, or elevating your brand presence, understanding your objectives is crucial.

    Equally important is knowing your value. Research the market to set realistic yet fair prices for your collaboration efforts. 

    💸 Remember, negotiation is part of the process, but having a solid baseline ensures you’re compensated appropriately for your influence and effort.

    Carve Your Niche

    This is something you should’ve done already. 

    But if you didn’t, start focusing on a specific niche. By doing so, you make your platform a potent tool for brands targeting similar audiences.

    Whether you’re into sustainable fashion, tech gadgets, or gourmet food, make sure your content consistently reflects this specialty. 

    This clarity helps brands see the direct value they can bring to their marketing strategies.

    Amplify Your Social Media Presence

    A robust social media profile is your ticket to catching a brand’s attention. 

    Quality content that resonates with your audience, coupled with regular engagement, sets you apart as a valuable partner. 

    Show potential collaborators that you not only understand your audience but can also create compelling narratives around their products or services.

    Research and Reach Out

    Look for brands whose values and audience align with yours. 

    Delve into their past collaborations for insights into their marketing strategies and preferences. 

    Tailoring your pitch to reflect an understanding of their brand will increase your chances of forming a successful partnership.

    Utilize Tools for Managing Collaborations

    Leverage digital tools designed to streamline the collaboration process. 

    Platforms like Shopify Collabs offer a suite of features to help you manage partnerships effectively, from application reviews to tracking sales commissions.

    These tools not only simplify logistics but also ensure both parties are aligned throughout the collaboration.

    Communication Is Key

    Open and honest communication forms the bedrock of any successful collaboration. Discuss expectations, deliverables, and compensation openly. 

    Be willing to compromise and find common ground to ensure both you and the brand achieve your respective goals.

    Incorporating these steps into your preparation for brand collaborations not only enhances your appeal to potential partners but also sets the stage for mutually beneficial partnerships. 

    With the influencer marketing industry projected to grow exponentially, now is the time to hone your strategy and position yourself as a prime candidate for brand collaborations.

    How to Find Brands To Work With: Pro Tips

    Leverage Existing Interactions

    Begin your search by looking closer to home.

    Brands that have already engaged with your content through likes, comments, or shares are signaling interest in what you do.

    This existing familiarity can serve as a solid foundation for a collaboration proposal. It’s a natural starting point that demonstrates mutual interest and potential for a partnership.

    Craft and Share Your Professional Portfolio

    Your portfolio or media kit should succinctly showcase your past work, collaborations, audience insights, and the unique value you bring to the table.

    Brands are on the lookout for serious collaborators who can make a real impact. A well-crafted media kit not only demonstrates your professionalism but also highlights your potential as a partner.

    Reach Out to Top Growth Marketing

    Yep, a bit of a pitch here. But we’re a successful marketing agency that partners with a large number of e-commerce brands in various industries—from fashion to the pet industry.

    Therefore, if you’re an influencer and want to collaborate with a brand—while increasing your reach and advertising your own social media profile for free with an ad agency, reach out.

    If you’re interested in the methodology and some success stories, check out our influencer marketing case study

    Engage Actively on Social Platforms

    Building relationships on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok is crucial. 

    Follow brands and influencers within your niche, interact with their content, and make your presence known. These platforms are fertile ground for collaborations, and active engagement can pave the way for fruitful partnerships.

    Explore Influencer Marketing Platforms

    Platforms such as AspireIQ,, and Insense act as bridges between brands and influencers, streamlining the discovery process. 

    By joining these marketplaces, you increase your visibility to brands actively seeking collaborators. 

    Each platform has its unique features and community, so exploring several can maximize your chances of finding the right fit.

    Network at Industry Events

    Never underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions.

    Industry conferences and events offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with brands and fellow creators. 

    These gatherings can spark conversations that evolve into collaborations, offering a more personal approach to partnership building.

    Utilize Social Media Searches

    Social media isn’t just for sharing content; it’s also a powerful research tool.

    Use specific hashtags related to your niche to uncover brands that might align with your values and content style.

    This method requires some digging but can uncover hidden gems that other influencers might overlook.

    Observe Your Peers

    Keep an eye on your competitors and peers to see who they’re partnering with. 

    This can offer insights into brands that are open to collaborations and might be a good fit for your audience as well.

    Learning from the experiences of others in your niche can guide your brand outreach strategy.

    Examples of Great Brand Collabs: In-House and Global

    We’ve already mentioned the Charlie D’Amelio and Dunkin’ collab, but let’s look at some other notable examples. 

    Big Influencer-Brand Collab Example

    Absolut Vodka’s “Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka” campaign was a campaign where the popular drink brand worked with several influencers to promote sustainability and LGBTQIA+ rights. 

    Micro Influencer-Brand Collaboration

    You can also find brands to partner with if you’re operating on a micro level.

    Audible—an audiobook platform, partnered with Jesse Driftwood to promote their product.

    micro influencer collab example

    If you’re a micro-influencer, working with niche brands in various industries could be a great way to monetize your content.

    The Channel Takeover Method

    Ready for an in-house example? 

    Here’s how we worked with influencers to promote AppSumo—a SaaS marketplace. 

    We “took over” an influencer social channel, ran ads to the AppSumo page and essentially boosted the following of those content creators while significantly boosting AppSumo’s ROI. 

    top growth marketing influencer collaboration example
    This could be you and our brand partner☝️


    In essence, brand collaborations stand as a testament to the power of partnership, blending diverse strengths and audiences to forge pathways to innovation, growth, and market expansion. 

    Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand’s reach, credibility, or creative output, the strategic embrace of collaborative ventures can yield substantial rewards.

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