Facebook Automated Rules: How To Use Them and Our 8 Top Rules

Social media marketing is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. 

However, managing multiple campaigns across different platforms can be time-consuming and overwhelming. 

This is where Facebook Automated Rules come in handy.

What are Facebook Automated Rules?

Facebook’s Automated Rules allow you to set up triggers that automatically optimize your ad campaigns based on performance. 

For example, you can set rules to pause poorly performing ads or increase budgets for ads that are exceeding expectations.

Automated rules save time and effort while ensuring your ad budget is allocated efficiently. 

They run continuously, monitoring campaign metrics, and taking predefined actions without any manual input required.

How Do Automated Rules Streamline Your Facebook Ads?

Automated rules eliminate the need for constant manual optimization of campaigns. 

You simply define the conditions that trigger certain actions like pausing ads or increasing budgets.

This allows you to focus on high-level campaign strategy rather than repetitive optimization tasks. 

🕒 Automated rules work 24/7 to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

Who Should Use Facebook Automated Rules?

Automated rules are a powerful tool designed to enhance the advertising efforts of a broad range of businesses on Facebook. 

Here’s a more detailed look at who can benefit from these rules.

who should run facebook automated rules

Agencies managing multiple client accounts

Juggling numerous client accounts can be a daunting task (trust us, we know!).

Facebook’s automated rules simplify this process by automating tedious tasks, allowing them to optimize all accounts efficiently and consistently, without missing out on any details.

Businesses running their own ad campaigns

For businesses that have a large number of ad campaigns, manually managing each one can be a significant time drain. 

Automated rules can manage each campaign proactively, adjusting to performance trends and ensuring each ad achieves its maximum potential.

Marketers with limited time for manual optimization

For marketers operating on a tight schedule, automated rules are a lifesaver

Instead of spending hours adjusting ad campaigns, they can focus more on strategic planning and creative tasks, letting automated rules handle routine optimization.

Companies looking to scale campaigns efficiently

As companies grow, so do their marketing needs. 

Automated rules provide a scalable solution that adjusts and reacts to the performance of each campaign.

 This ensures that even as their advertising efforts grow, efficiency and performance won’t be compromised.

How to Set Up Facebook Automated Rules

Setting up automated rules only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ads Manager and select the campaign, ad set, or ad to apply rules to.
  2. Click “Rules” and choose “Create New Rule.”
  3. Select the type of rule e.g. custom rule.
  4. Define the rule conditions that trigger actions.
  5. Choose an action like increasing the budget or pausing ads.
  6. Set schedule and notifications.
  7. Name your rule and click “Create.”

The setup is not at all complicated. 

The real challenge is being creative enough to make useful rules. Further down, we’ll share some of our favorite rules that make ad campaign management a cinch.

Benefits of Using Automated Rules

Automated rules offer various benefits that allow you to get the most from your ad spend.

benefits of using facebook automated rules

Increased Efficiency

Automated rules save you time by automatically optimizing campaigns based on your specified conditions.

This frees up time for high-level strategy.

Accurate Targeting

Rules ensure ads are only shown to relevant audiences by automatically pausing poorly performing ads or changing targeting.

Cost Saving

By pausing unsuccessful ads quickly or adjusting bids, automated rules reduce wasted ad spend on underperforming placements.

Our Favorite Facebook Automated Rules

These automated rules have been particularly effective in streamlining advertising efforts and maximizing ROI.

Here is a detailed explanation of each rule and its benefits:

Increase Budget for Top Performing Ads

This rule automatically boosts the budget for ads exceeding your target cost-per-result.

The advantage of this rule is that it allows you to efficiently scale ads delivering the best ROI without forcing them back into the learning phase.

This ensures your top performers continue to deliver without interruption.

Pause Low Performing Campaigns

Automatically pausing campaigns that fall below your target cost-per-lead or other key performance indicators prevents wasted ad spend on underperforming assets.

This rule helps safeguard your budget, ensuring it is only used on campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Schedule Ads by Dayparting

This rule enables you to run different ads during peak times when your audience is most likely to convert.

By focusing your budget on ads that are poised for maximum engagement based on the time of day, you can optimize conversion rates and overall campaign performance.

Adjust Bid By Location

Automatically raising or lowering bids based on a user’s city, region, or country can account for geographic differences in conversion potential.

This rule ensures your ad spend is aligned with the predicted performance of specific locations, maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Increase Budget By Target Cost

This rule scales your budget up or down based on your target cost-per-action.

As you efficiently reach your goal, investing more budget to drive additional conversions helps you capitalize on a successful campaign, securing more leads or sales.

Notify of Sudden Changes

Being notified when metrics like frequency, impressions, or conversions change drastically allows you to quickly investigate what caused the shift.

This rule keeps you informed and enables swift adjustments to maintain ad performance.

Pause After Budget Spent

To prevent overspending, this rule automatically pauses campaigns that have used up their daily or lifetime budget allocation.

This ensures you stay within budget and can reallocate funds to other initiatives if necessary.

Relaunch Ads with Delayed Conversions

Ads with long sales cycles may convert better over time.

This rule relaunches ads that generated late conversions to capture additional delayed leads.

It ensures that potential leads that take longer to convert are not overlooked, optimizing overall campaign performance.

FAQs About Facebook Automate Rules

Here are some questions we get a lot regarding working with Facebook’s Automated Rules.

How do I turn off automated rules on Facebook?

To remove an automated rule you no longer need, first navigate to the Automated Rules section under Tools in Ads Manager.

Once you’re on the Manage Rules page, find the specific rule you want to delete and click on its name to open the details.

In the rule details window, you’ll see a “Delete Rule” button – click this to permanently erase the rule.

Alternatively, you can click the “Actions” menu next to any rule in the Manage Rules table. This menu allows you to edit or delete a rule right from the main interface.

⚠️ Be careful: Deleting a rule completely removes it from your ad account, so be certain you no longer require the automation before doing so.

You’ll have to rebuild deleted rules from scratch if you change your mind later. Periodically clearing out unneeded rules helps optimize your account.

How many automated rules can I create?

For each ad account, you can create up to 250 total automated rules. This cap includes both active rules currently running and inactive rules that are turned off.

Exceeding the 250 rules limit is not possible – once you hit the maximum, you will need to delete or archive existing rules before being able to create new ones. The limit applies across all campaigns, ad sets, and ads in your account.

It’s also worth noting automated rules can only have one condition per rule. You also can’t use a single rule across multiple object levels, like campaigns and ad sets. The best practice is creating distinct rules for each level.

Finally, automated rules don’t work for ads about social issues, elections, or politics. These must be managed manually by verified users due to election integrity policies. The same applies to Reach and Frequency ad campaigns.

How quickly do automated rules take effect?

Rules are checked every 30 minutes, so actions generally happen within an hour of trigger conditions being met.

Don’t Run From Automation

Automated rules open up new possibilities for effortlessly optimizing social ad campaigns. They eliminate tedious manual management while providing intelligent automation tailored to your goals.

Implementing the right rules can transform the way you manage Facebook ads allowing you to efficiently scale campaigns to new heights.

So don’t be afraid to unlock the power of automated rules to save time while getting the best performance from your ad budget.

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