Our 10 Favorite E-Commerce Tools To Grow Your Business

e-commerce marketing tools for growth

Let’s face it. You’ve probably bought something online during the past month.

So yeah, e-commerce has become an increasingly popular way to shop online. And if you have an online store, you’re faced with the challenge of how to market your product in the digital space.

As with anything else, it would be foolish to go ahead without the essential tools that your competitors are already using. To help you get ahead, we’ve compiled a list of top e-commerce marketing tools that should help streamline your job – one for each area.

So let’s get started.

The Growth Of E-commerce Marketing

The pandemic has dramatically increased the growth of e-commerce marketing, making it one of the most popular ways of selling products and services.

Here’s a how it looked like over the years:

This rapid expansion in online shopping has created a huge demand for effective tools and strategies that can help businesses reach their full potential.

Luckily, there are a number of e-commerce marketing tools that can help businesses maximize their sales and boost their profits. Let’s check them out.

Best E-Commerce Tools To Grow Your Business

Here are some tools that can help you improve your e-commerce business operations, listed by category.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools – Unbounce

E-commerce growth tool unbounce

E-commerce marketing requires converting leads to sales, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool.

Unbounce, an industry-leading CRO platform, allows businesses to easily create and test landing pages that are optimized for maximum conversions.

It also provides analytics tools to track the performance of different campaigns and identify areas of improvement.

A CRO can help you do things like increase website engagement, reduce shopping cart abandonment, or create more effective conversion funnels.

Unbounce use case example

One of the most popular uses for a CRO tool when it comes to e-commerce marketing is to a/b test your website pages.

Unbounce allows you to determine which versions of a page are the most successful by testing different elements such as color, imagery, and copy.

This can help you make sure that your website is optimized for maximum conversions. A lot of new marketers are surprised at just how big a difference changing something like the color of a call to action button can make.

Presentation Software: Pitch

E-commerce growth tool pitch

Pitch is a powerful presentation tool that allows you to quickly create presentations and share them with your audience. You can easily add visuals such as images, videos, and GIFs to make your content more engaging.

Pitch also provides analytics tools so you can track who has viewed your presentation and how long they spend on each slide. This makes it much easier to understand and optimize your presentation for maximum impact.

Pitch use case example

Because Pitch allows you to collaborate on presentations asynchronously, one way Pitch might greatly improve your e-commerce marketing is by allowing you to create a presentation for prospective customers with internationally dispersed teams.

Let’s say you have branch offices in New York, London, and Tokyo. With Pitch, each of those teams can work on the presentation without having to share their screens or be present at the same time. This is great for teams with different time zones or varying working hours.

SMS Marketing Tool – Textus

SMS is still alive and well, and it can be an effective way to reach your target customers. Textus is a powerful tool for marketing automation that allows you to quickly create SMS campaigns and track performance metrics in real time.

It also provides segmentation capabilities to ensure that your messages are sent to the right people at the right time.

Making people aware of an offer is the first and most important step in getting them to take advantage of it. Use Textus to do things like send coupons and promo codes to customers for special deals or events.

Textus use case example

Let’s say a business wants to promote a new product or offer.

They can use Textus to let people know that there is a sale on this product, or that there is a special event happening.

Customers can receive notifications about the sale or event, as well as coupons to help entice them to purchase.

Email Marketing Platforms – MailChimp

Here’s a little testimonial: If you’re subscribed to our newsletter – we’ve sent it from MailChimp.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods for driving traffic to your ecommerce store and converting leads into customers.

With a platform like MailChimp, you can easily launch email campaigns, track performance metrics, and even automate customer segmentation based on user behavior. It also provides extensive analytics tools that make it easy to identify opportunities for improvement.

MailChimp use case example

One of the most popular uses for an email marketing platform when it comes to e-commerce is to send newsletters and promotional emails.

MailChimp makes it easy to design attractive emails that are optimized for conversion, as well as track their performance in real-time.

Additionally, you can use its segmentation capabilities to create targeted campaigns based on user behavior and interests. This can help you make sure that the right message is sent to the right people at the right time, for maximum effectiveness.

Advertising Platforms – Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Surprise, surprise!

Depending on your e-commerce marketing strategy, you will need to allocate some of your budget to paid advertising. SEO will, of course, be important to your long-term success, but advertising can be extremely effective in driving quick and measurable results.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two premier platforms for e-commerce, allowing you to target your ads to specific demographics.

Both platforms provide comprehensive analytics tools, so it’s easy to track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments as necessary.

Use case example

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are great for running campaigns with specific goals, such as increasing brand awareness or driving conversions.

For example, if you want to increase sales of a particular product, you could create an ad campaign targeting customers who have shown an interest in that product.

This is something that can’t easily be done with organic marketing, and it can be a great way to drive quick results for your e-commerce business.

Social Media Management Tools – Hootsuite

hootsuite e-commerce growth tool

A lot of e-commerce success is built on multi-channel marketing and leveraging all of the marketing avenues at your disposal. Social media can be a fabulous way to generate and convert leads.

If you are willing to post content regularly and respond to customer queries, Hootsuite can be an incredibly useful tool. It allows you to schedule posts on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from one dashboard, as well as track user engagement with analytics tools.

Growing social communities is a great way to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

Hootsuite use case example

Hootsuite can be used for managing content and campaigns on all the major social media platforms.

For example, you can create campaigns that target specific customer segments or use Hootsuite’s analytics tools to track performance metrics. Additionally, you can use it to monitor customer conversations and respond quickly to queries and complaints as they arise. This will help you strengthen relationships with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools – Ahrefs

e-commerce growth tool ahrefs

All e-commerce sites need an SEO, and especially a link building strategy, if they want to rank well on the search engine results page.

A tool like Ahrefs makes it easy to track your website’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement. It also has comprehensive tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink tracking, and more.

If you want to build links at scale and increase your organic traffic, something like Ahrefs is a must-have for e-commerce sites.

Ahrefs use case example

Ahrefs can be used to track your website’s performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and build links at scale.

For example, you could use it to analyze the backlinks of your competitors and then replicate their success by creating similar content and reaching out to the same websites.

Additionally, you could use Ahrefs’ keyword research tools to identify new keywords and create content that targets those terms. This will help you rank higher in the search engine results page, which can result in more organic traffic and more sales.

Live Chat Tools – Intercom

intercom ecommerce growth tool

Live chat is an incredibly important tool when it comes to customer service and conversion optimization. It allows customers to get answers to their questions quickly and easily, and it can also be used for upselling and cross-selling products.

Intercom is a customer messaging platform that makes it easy to launch live chat campaigns on multiple channels such as websites, mobile apps, or email. It provides real-time analytics tools so you can track customer engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Intercom use case example

Intercom can be used to launch live chat campaigns on multiple channels.

For example, you could create a campaign that targets customers who abandoned their shopping carts and offer them discounts or incentives to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Additionally, you could use Intercom’s analytics tools to track customer conversations and identify opportunities for upselling products. This can help you increase sales and maximize the value of each customer.

Product Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop

E-commerce relies on good-quality images to grab customers’ attention and drive sales. Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard tool for photo editing, and it allows you to quickly make adjustments such as color correction, cropping, adding effects, and more.

It’s incredible just how much of a difference a professional-looking photo makes psychologically in the minds of customers. If you want to drive more sales, investing in a good photo editing tool is a must.

Photoshop use case example

Adobe Photoshop can be used to quickly and easily edit product photos to make them look professional. For example, you could use it to crop images to the correct size or adjust colors and contrast levels.

Additionally, you could use it to add effects or text overlays that will draw attention to your products and drive more sales. This is a great way to make your product images stand out and encourage customers to purchase.

Retargeting Platforms – AdRoll

Not everyone who visits your e-commerce store or website is going to become a customer the first time around.

Retargeting platforms like AdRoll allow you to target these people with ads and reminder emails, helping to drive them back to your store.

AdRoll also offers features such as website optimization and analytics tools so you can track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.

AdRoll use case example

AdRoll can be used to create targeted retargeting campaigns that will help you convert more customers.

For example, you could create a campaign to target visitors who abandoned their shopping carts and offer them incentives or discounts to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Additionally, AdRoll’s analytics tools allow you to track the performance of each campaign and make adjustments to optimize your results.

Ultimately, this can help you increase sales and maximize the value of each customer.

Using all of these tools in conjunction

The important thing to remember is that all of the above tools, on their own, are not going to produce the kinds of results you are after. You need to understand how they are used in harmony to get the most out of them.

For instance, you could use Intercom’s live chat capabilities alongside Photoshop’s photo editing features to create a visually appealing customer service experience. Additionally, you can use AdRoll’s retargeting campaigns in conjunction with your other online marketing efforts to bring customers back to your store and drive more sales.

By understanding the different ways in which these tools can be used together, you will be able to create an effective e-commerce strategy that yields results.


The e-commerce landscape is rapidly changing, and staying ahead of the competition requires having the right tools at your disposal.

The tools mentioned in this article are just a few of the many available to e-commerce marketers, but they can help you stay ahead of the curve and drive more sales for your business.

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