Best Apps For Productivity in Marketing [2020]

best apps for productivity

With so many distractions goin-

(Stops writing… Checks Facebook for 5 minutes…)

Where was I?

Oh yes!

With so many distractions going on, it’s harder than ever to maintain focus. it’s easy to doze off while all your prior work and positive results go to waste. 

We believe it’s extremely important to work smart, not hard. And that’s why every marketer needs to implement the best apps for productivity in their workspace.

But how do you choose from the plethora of app options out there? The apps built to increase your efficiency can sometimes end up having the opposite effect, and slow us down instead.

Here are some of the best productivity apps that should make your everyday tasks manageable and save you plenty of time.

Best Apps For Productivity: Reviews


Zapier is touted as the “king of productivity software.” That’s because its sole purpose is to organize and connect all your other productivity and business apps in one place.

So, say you have a project management app that doesn’t sync with any of your favorite time management apps. It’s not the end of the world if you have Zapier: This effective software works with almost every app. 

Why We Love It

· Zapier uses a simple automation feature to interlink actions between different apps that don’t integrate naturally 

· Extremely user-friendly and easy to master.

· King among best productivity apps.

The Downsides

· Customer service is below-par.


· Free plan features 5 “zaps” (external app integrations) with up to 100 monthly tasks.

· Starter plan costs $20 (20 zaps, 750 tasks)

· You can opt for a professional, team, and company plan, allowing multi-person integration and collaboration


What’s marketing without creative design? A dry message that no one pays attention to.That’s why stunning visuals are an inseparable part of every ad. And designing has never been easier with Canva!

Canva is a graphic design service with thousands of templates to work from. Marketers love it as you can make a professional-looking image in a matter of seconds. From social posts to IG ads, no need to waste time on complex software. Pick a template and let your creativity do the rest. 

Why We Love It

· Create professional-looking designs at lightning speed – no need to spend hours or days waiting on design files. 

· Upload your own designs, choose fonts, colors and additional elements and layer everything to create one of a kind pieces

· Thousands of templates for various needs: social posts, newsletters, ads, infographics, and more.

The Downsides

· A lot of Canva’s best features are only available with the premium plan.

· Lacks some standard design tools,  such as the pencil tool.


· Free plan for casual use and small groups.

· $9.95/month Pro plan for more advanced features like custom templates, Brand kit, 60+ million of stock images and graphics.

· $30/month Enterprise plan that includes built-in workflow, template locking, and 24/7 support.


Users call Evernote the best planner app for a good reason: You can take notes, attach files, and organize everything the way you want  in a matter of seconds.  

This streamlined annotation  tool will help you keep all your important information in one place.

Why We Love It

· Easy take-and-sort your individual notes into „notebooks“ (a group of notes) and further into “stacks.” (two or more notebooks of the same category).

· User-friendly interface and easy to handle.

· Cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere.

· A wide-range of note templates (for school or work).

· Optical character recognition (OCR) recognizes handwritten and typewritten notes.

· Clipping feature allows you to “clip” any element from the web to your note (long-form text, image, video, and even a full web page).

The Downsides

· No password protection for individual notes.

· Minor issues such as image clipping not working for some users .


· Free for basic features.

· $8 premium plan that includes organization features (notes and stacks), and file sharing

· $16 business plan for team collab and administration, as well as integrations with other apps (Slack for example)


It’s normal to use multiple instant messaging (IM) apps in this day and age. You probably have Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, as well as business apps like Slack or Google Hangouts

Franz allows you to access to all of your messaging  apps at the same time on the same interface, instead of going back and forth.

Why We Love It

· Access all your IM apps easily when you log into Franz.

· Streamlined UI notifying you about new messages on each of synced apps.

· Integrates with almost any messaging app – from Hangouts to Slack.

· Acts like a web-browser; saves cache so you don’t have to relog into each session.

· Video chat support.

The Downsides

· A little problem with migrating the apps (you may have to re-authenticate each account)

· Takes up quite a bit of memory.

· Free plan contains ads.


· Free for 3 services.

· $3.50/month standard plan (6 services, no waiting screens).

· $7/month professional plan for unlimited services.


When you’re a digital marketer, copy and pasting is a part of your everyday activity. You’re pasting ad copies, links, codes, and entire walls of text all the time, and you probably don’t even realize

However, what happens when you lose the copied file to another accidental copy command and you don’t have it saved? You need to write the copy, text, or look for that important link all over again, wasting time and adding to your stress

Enter Flycut. A simple yet effective clipboard app that will store all the copied segments until you’re ready to paste them. 

Why We Love It

· Open-sourced clipboard manager.

· Keeps all copied instances in the history folder.

· Smooth and clean UI.

· Extremely lightweight (only 572kb).

The Downsides

· Only avaliable for macOS. If you use a different operating system, try an alternative such as Ditto, CopyQ, Clipy.


Flycut is currently completely free.


Polymail is an email productivity tool that organizes all your email accounts in one place. 

This app will import all your messages from various accounts (Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, iCloud) and allow you a wide range of different actions. You’ll never need to switch between your many email accounts again.

Why We Love It

· Integrates all your email accounts into a single platform.

· Keeps your prior email organization intact (all folders, labels, etc).

· Easy to unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click.

· Schedule and delay sending; set up notification reminders.

· Available for all platforms.

The Downsides

· Minor bugs.

· Not the most intuitive user experience. – for example, multiple scrollbars that are extremely difficult to navigate


· $10/month Basic plan (email tracking, comments/mentions, up to 2 accounts)

· $24/month Premium plan (sequences, team analytics, up to 20 accounts)

· $50/month Enterprise plan (Salesforce integration, live support)


You can’t be a marketer without automating your email marketing and drip campaign needs. 

Mixmax slides a bit under the radar among similar and more well-known tools like Mailchimp, but it doesn’t make it any less effective. In fact, it’s cheaper and automates all instances of your email marketing, allowing you to focus on your business’ growth.

Why We Love It

· Easily create email drip campaigns, track data (open rate, bounce rate, clicks, etc)

· Organize sequences by sorting them to folders.

· Bunch of options and variables to personalize emails.

· A wide range of templates

· Integration with Slack and other essential tools.

The Downsides

· Lack of some features like invoicing could be a turn off for some.


· Free plan provides basic features.

· $9/month Starter plan for side chat and unlimited email tracking.

· $24/month SMB plan for sequences, templates, basic analytics, and more.

· $49/month Growth plan for custom branding, workflow automation, advanced analytics, and more.


A script for a one-minute video contains approximately 150 words. And how much time would you need to write that amount?

Cloudapp is a majestic tool that allows you to quickly record a video and share it around.

This tool, as its name says, is a cloud-based app that allows you to share pre-recorded images and videos to simplify communication and provide real-time explanations to add detail to your work.if you want to explain something, you can just record a video or snap a screenshot and share it with an easily-accessible shareable link.

Why We Love It

· A cakewalk to use.

· Integrates with most business-essential apps like Asana and Slack.

· Unlimited storage – save as many files as you want.

· Easy to find files by using the search toolbar.

· Compatible with all operating systems.

The Downsides

·Lacks a designated mobile app (though you can access links via mobile)


· Free plan with a 1-minute recording limit.

· $10/month Pro plan for unlimited recording, editing features, and do-not-disturb mode.

· $9/month per user with Team plan for team management and third-party integrations


They say you shouldn’t use the same password for more than one account. But if you have dozens of accounts on various platforms, pages and tools, how do you keep track?

Instead of carrying a little notebook with passwords that you could easily lose, download LastPass. This little browser extension will save you tons of time by auto-populating your passwords.

Create your account with a master password and keep passwords of all your accounts safely in LastPass’s vault.

Why We Love It

· Exceptionally convenient for freelancers, casual users, and big business ecosystems.

· Passwords can remain encrypted if you want to share it with other users.

· Easy to set up and use.

· Works on zero-knowledge security model; encrypted sensitive data, and protects from middle-man attacks; In simple terms – it keeps your passwords safe.

The Downsides

· Bugs occasionally


· Free plan for all basic features.

· $2.82/month for 1GB of encrypted secure storage and multi-device passwords sharing.

· $3.76/month with 6 premium licenses.


If you’re working remotely, you probably have your smart device next to your laptop. Your screen lights up and you rush to see what’s it about.

As much as you’re trying to pay attention to your work, the urge to check your phone can be all too appealing. Thankfully, the creators of the Forest app understood that we act on impulse and found a way to turn this harmful habit into a positive change in the world.

How? By planting a tree!

Here’s why we included Forest among best productivity apps. You plant a virtual seed that grows for as long as you don’t interrupt the app. If you’re focused on the task, the tree prospers. If you try to “check Facebook,” it dies. And nobody would want that.

Why We Love It

· An innovative focus-booster that gives you the chance to help the environment in real life too: the app’s creators have a commitment with a real-life tree-planting organization means you’re supporting the bigger cause. So far, the app has facilitated the planting of a million trees.

· Gamifying the productivity experience: Either create your forest or turn it into a sorrowful landscape filled with dead trees.

· The tree keeps growing if you receive a call or a text (the app supposes it’s an emergency). On the flip side, you’ll have to turn it off if you’re the caller/sender.

· Level up: Invoke your inner forester by choosing specific trees to plant.

The Downsides

· Some expensive in-app costs.

· If your phone’s locked, you can’t see the app on the screen.


· Free on Android, a one-time $1.99 purchase for iOS.

· In-app purchases.


Right Inbox saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Once you install the Right Inbox app in the chrome store you’ll immediately gain two levels up of time-saving, productivity-improving tools.

Join more than 250,000+ professionals that are getting more from their Gmail account with this productivity tool. 

Why We Love It

· Reminders – never lose track of your most important emails.

· Email Tracking – know who is opening your emails and who isn’t.

· Email Templates – do you often need to write and send almost identical -emails? Save yourself time with the email templates feature.

· Sequences – send follow-up emails depending on whether the last email has been opened or not. 


· Free – limited capabilities 10/emails per month for 4-5 features. 

· Monthly – $7.95 per month for unlimited use of all 11 features.

· Yearly – $5.95 per month if paid annually.

· Teams – Right Inbox also offer team plans which start at $4.95 per month

Productivity Apps: Staying Attentive In Tough Times

There’s plenty of apps that will help you stay on track.  However, in a world oversaturated with important apps, we need to find a way to keep it all together.

It’s important to choose wisely to make your day more productive, instead of less. If an app doesn’t fit, move along until you find a more fitting alternative.

After all, you can never run out of apps!

Bonus: If you’re a Shopify merchant, make sure you check our 20+ Shopify apps to grow your store revenue. Also, look at our top picks for giveaway tools as well.

What do you think? Are these the best productivity apps you’ve found?

Or maybe you have a better alternative to the ones we’ve mentioned? If so, go ahead and let us know in the comments. Share your experience and add value to our community!

Also, if you want more similar articles, tips, and case studies, feel free to contact us or subscribe below so you never miss a post.

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