MyIntent – Facebook Case Study

The Challenge

How to take to the next level in daily sales and leverage the social tracktion that the brand had built. This client had plenty of traffic and awareness but was not able to leverage this to build a healthier revenue flow.


The Solution

We put together an awesome customer acquisition strategy that leveraged interest based targeting on which celebrities were wearing MyIntent. We also leveraged dynamic product ads as well as remarketing to maximize the current traffic.



Return on Ad Spend


Increased Facebook Time On Site Referrals

Day Turnaround


Facebook Ads

Utilize this social media channel to tap into celebrity interest groups and influencers with ad targeting. Created a video ad that got over 7+ million video views.


We close the cart abandonment gap using Facebook ads to increase retention of lost customers.

Prospecting Campaigns

We leveraged the media hype around celebs wearing MyIntent products and targeted their followers as well as creating LAL from key content pages.

Best Perfoming Ads

  • Social Media Ads 70% 70%
  • Search Ads 0% 0%
  • Website Optimization 10% 10%
  • Sales Funnel Optimization 20% 20%


Overall this was client hit all of its marketing goals and more in terms of Facebook ads. Leveraging the power of social shares and influencers were a essential pivotal point for this client.

After 30 days Facebook ads was bringing in 80% of this clients revenue!

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