Joovv – Paid Advertising Case Study

The Challenge

Selling a high ticket item ($1,000-$7,000) online in the medical space and scaling to a large spend to increase the scale of the company.

We needed to find a way to people excite and engage with a product that was a new innovation. Then convince them to learn more and eventually purchase.


The Solution

We built an in-depth remarketing and influencer strategy to nurture prospecting customers through the buying cycle.

Focusing on website, social engagement and email remarketing with unique messaging for each step.

Using Facebook and Google ads allowed us to get hyper targeted and also scale good posts and ads.


Return on Ad Spend (FB ROAS)


Increased Profitable Ad Spend

Influencer Ads Scaled


Facebook Ads

Layered Facebook campaigns to increase the depth of information about product as buying intent increased.


Increased touch points with potential customers to nurture them over social, search and email channels.


Leveraging educational content on YouTube and Facebook to demonstrate benefits & features.

Breakdown of Work Required

  • Social Media Ads 40% 40%
  • Search / Shopping Ads 10% 10%
  • Ad Creation 30% 30%
  • Account Restructuring 20% 20%


Increased the volume of sales on high priced items, improved the conversion rate and helped educate potential customers across multiple channels.

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