Case Study

Hampton and Astley™

How we transformed the marketing fortunes of a lux bedding and bathroom sets brand and 6x their profits in 6 months.


Company Name: Hampton & Astley™
Start Date: August 2020

Goal: Use Facebook, Instagram, and Google to increase the first-time purchaser baseline and grow the business.

Results: Fast forward six months and the brand 6x its revenue while increasing customer base and improving lifetime value of their purchasers!

The Story

Hampton & Astley is a British-based luxe bedding and bathroom sets brand that partnered with us in August 2020.

Their long-term goal was to scale and transform their business with social media advertising but they’ve encountered quite a few bottlenecks during their previous efforts.

For that reason, they decided to partner with our agency.

The Challenge

This was a unique challenge. Being the middle of the year and the infamous Q4 lurking around the corner we had to act quickly and proactively.

Hampton & Astley’s goal was sustaining a healthy ROAS on scale while also doubling the ad spend every month until the end of the year.

But during our account audit, we’ve encountered a few urgent issues:

  •       The account only had a few ads.
  •       Prospecting and remarketing audiences were mixed up.
  •       They only advertised the most profitable product.
  •       The lack of testing was evident.

So, we had to roll up our sleeves and start implementing our strategies.

What impresses me the most about Top Growth Marketing is that they’re proactive and great at communicating. I never really feel like I’m in the dark about what’s going on with regards to the actions or inputs that they’re taking. It’s been a transformative experience.

Caroline Brooks

Founder, Hampton and Astley

The Process

Organize, test new ideas, and leverage that data for winning results. That was the goal. 

First, we’ve structured and segmented ads using our proven naming conventions and separated ads to prospecting and remarketing.

Then our team of media buyers and designers created new ads and creatives that we could test out (and pick best performers).

We had to think outside the box – test new interests and LALs, try to expand targeting, try to advertise products they didn’t think would be profitable.

The Strategies

Expanded product range: Their initial plan was to advertise only beddings (most profitable), but we’ve noticed that people that buy beddings often grab a towel or two as well. So, we started testing out bathroom sets as well, at least in remarketing. It turned out even better than expected, with people buying towels and adding bedding as well. Conclusion – we towel to prospecting, too.

Out-Of-The-Box Targeting: Targeting female audience was obvious so we started there. However, we wanted to test males as well. The results were unexpected – They made seven times less purchases with nearly the same ROAS as female audience! During the first six months, these were the results:

  •       Female: 1855 purchases – 3.26 ROAS
  •       Male: 268 purchases – 3.88 ROAS
  •       Uncategorized: 56 purchases – 3.23 ROAS

Why not test the age range as well?

When we audited the account, the range was quite narrow on some ads. But while testing we concluded that all ranges bring good results if you know to hit the right interest.

For example, targeting IKEA worked tremendously with younger audiences!

Bundling: When you have a product with a lower price point, the best thing you can do is bundle it and sell it with a promotion.

You’ll increase AOV and ROAS and probably attract plenty of first-time buyers. There’s plenty of ways to get that discount in front of your audience (email marketing, pop-ups on the website, ads) and we utilized this during BFCM for great results.

bundling ads

Holistic Approach: Prospecting campaigns sometimes didn’t convert so they decreased ROAS a lot, but we didn’t want to stop them since we knew that cold traffic was vital for email marketing (which would later work well for our remarketing audiences as well).

Influencers and UGC: People love user-generated content because it adds to social proof so we used this as a “hack”, especially after BFCM. Usually, during this period everything grinds to a halt, but with fresh influencer content, we managed to get the account back.

The Results

Our data-driven approach turned out to be lucrative! Here’s what we achieved in short time: 




new email subscribers


increase 1st Time buyers


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