eCommerce Case Study:

👕 Apparel Brands

How we have been able to scale eCom apparel brands using ads, email and SMS. Get help 👉 HERE

  1. Overview
  2. Challenges
  3. Strategies
  4. Execution
  5. Results & Examples
  6. Testimonials
  7. Summary


How Top Growth Marketing partnered with leading brands in the multi-faceted apparel industry and successfully leveraged an omnichannel approach to increase revenue while reducing CPA by over 50% and generating a consistent 10X+ ROAS for apparel brands in multiple niches.


  • Low ROAS & profits on ads
  • High CPA
  • Lack of new customers
  • Not seeing results from paid advertising
  • Not generating enough revenue for scalable growth
  • Low customer LTV
  • Cost of advertising and CPM too high
  • Lack of reporting to identify areas of opportunity to scale
  • The lack of testing

high end fashion brand

Improvements in the first 6 months


Increase for Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase In Purchases


YoY Growth With Google Ads


Below is the range of strategies we used to help grow our partner apparel eCommerce brands using ads, email, and SMS. There was no 1 secret strategy, it was a combination of many.

Meta ads

Acquired new customers through Facebook Ads Prospecting campaigns using interest targeting, lookalike audiences and retargeting.

Giveaways & TOF campaigns

Decreased spend using innovative lead generation strategies, attracting a high amount of prospects and then retarget them through paid search, social and email campaigns.

Nurturing prospecting customers through the buying cycle

Leveraged a dynamic mix of targeted content using multichannel lead nurturing tactics to turn prospects into customers.

Influencers and UCG ads

Influenced purchasing decisions to drive conversion rates by establishing authentic social proof using customer-centric content.

Expanded product range

Using data from top-selling products, collections,s and styles to introduce new product drops to generate huge revenue boosts.

Hyper targeted ads

Increased touch points with potential customers to nurture them over social, search and email channels.

Finding a winner audience

Decreased spend using innovative lead generation strategies, attracting a high amount of prospects and then retarget them through paid search, social and email campaigns.

Layered Campaigns

Implemented strategically chosen campaigns across multiple platforms to increase product visibility, and grow reach and frequency of the right messaging to the right audience while utilizing visually interesting and diverse ad creatives.

Creating avatars for better ad copy/creative

Created multiple avatars to better understand the ideal customer and create effective, targeted messaging and creatives.

In depth data analysis

Found new opportunities using data-driven results to better understand who the customer is and how to effectively reach them through highly targeted campaigns.

Unique messaging for each step of the funnel

Segmented audiences to create targeted high-converting ad copy and creative that aligned with brand messaging and campaign objectives through each stage of the customer journey.


Finding the right creative & copy

Leveraged educational content on Youtube and Facebook to demonstrate benefits and features.

Whitelisting & influencer strategy

Targeted specific and lookalike audiences using in-feed and dark posts to drive engagement and create more effective campaigns.

Increasing average order and lifetime value

Increased customer touchpoints across all channels by successfully analyzing customer data to properly segment and target audiences.

Extensive keyword research

Identified valuable keywords to reach target customers and optimize content; increasing SEO and driving new users to the website.

We have seen over 10x growth since starting with them. They’ve helped us solidify our brand! Not only do their tactics work successfully to grow our business tremendously, but, they are also a pleasure to work with.


Founder, By Samii Ryan

Ad Types (Creative & Copy) 

A key piece to the marketing funnel is converting ad creative and copy. Below is a range of examples and strategies we used to scale apparel brands using ads.  

👉 Social ads

  • Image – used to maximize the placements for remarketing and simple messaging/creative types.
  • Video – used at the top of the funnel to educate and deliver maximum value. We also use top video content with more data-driven campaign types like Advantage+ etc.
  • Carousel – used to give browser options and show off the range of products a brand offers.
  • Stories/reels – used for entertainment to build a a large TOF.

👉 Search ads

  • Shopping ads – a large portion of DTC budgets are optimized for shopping campaigns to capture people with high intent. Optimization is crucial here for the scaling of eCom breands.
  • Search ads – we use this campaign type for longtail problem, solution, frustration search terms to start the customer journey.
  • Display ads – we use this campaign type on target website cluster placemnets and dynamic retargeting.
  • Performance max ads – The data driven king of campaigns, it’s important to use the correct optimizations, signals and work with agency reps to maximize the output of these campaigns.
  • YouTube & shorts – We use these these for story telling ads with niche specific channel targeting. Great for education and entertainment.

❄️ Prospecting ads – We focus the ads on aquring new traffic, customer and revenue. This is why we segment our campaigns and change the content and messaging for attracting people at the top of the funnel.

🎯 Remarketing ads – These ad campaigns are focused on converting users that have engaged but not purchased.

💰 Retention ads & emails – These are the campaigns we use to maximize lifetime value of our customer base. Most of this is done using email + SMS but ads are used for those who are not receiving or opening emails.

📸 Whitelisting ads – We amplify the posts with our ad budgets from content creators, customer or influencers that have posted about your brand.

🎰 Gamified giveaways ads – This is a top of the funnel campaign that generates a huge amount of reach, emails, phone numbers and first time user sessions. We also use these ads to drive engagement on our other top converting ads using gamification.

👉 Get in touch to learn about all the other ad types we use to grow apparel eCommerce brands.

Apparel eCom Collection Ads

Using a wide range of ads throughout the customer journey to show off lifestyle and product shots.

Fitness apparel brand case study

Using new product drops to drive new purchases.

Featured In Apparel Ads

Increase credibility by showing publications a brand has been featured in slash by.

Review & credibility in apparel ads

Overlaying reviews on a product video can deliver a 2 for 1

ecom apparel case study

To the point benifits and offer at the bottom of the funnel

Working with Top Growth Marketing rocked our socks! They are meticulous, pragmatic, and on top of everything – an outside the box thinkers!


Founder, Pleasures Clothing

Results Generated

There’s a range of metrics and KPIs we use to track success. Some of our favorite ones are ROAS, ROI, Marketing efficiency, POAS, NC-ROAS, and LTV/CPA ratio. Below lists out a few wins we’ve had with our eCom apparel partners.

  • 124% Increase in revenue over the first 3 months for a high-end fashion brand on the same ad spend
  • 2.6x Increase new customer ROAS in first 6 months for a comfort wear brand
  • 43% Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR) which resulted in 21% lift in ROAS on the same ad spend
  • $19,336 to $63,132 increase in revenue within the first month
  • Monthly net sales of $177,802 to $493,508 in revenue over 4 months on a 3+ profitable NC-ROAS
  • 36% Increase in new users within 2 months for a streetwear apparel brand
  • Our apparel brand partners have averaged a 3+ ROAS at scale ($50k plus ad spend a month) over a 12 month period
  • Book a call and ask us for more results

Creative Types Used

Creative is one of the most powerful levers a brand can pull to improve its results. That’s why we have a constant creative creation process with feedback loops. Below is a small list of creative styles we make and test to improve ROAS, CTR, Share ratio, CPC, CPM’s, and more.

  • Product showcase (elevated product shots)
  • Lifestyle (photoshoots etc with overlays)
  • Press release (featured in xxx)
  • Whitelisting (influencers/customers)
  • Giveaways
  • Features & benefits (use overlays and callouts)
  • How to / unboxing etc.. tutorial of the product (how it works in steps)
  • Testimonials
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Comparison (us vs. them)
  • End carts & call to actions
  • Frames for catalog remarketing ads (DPA’s)
  • Get in touch to scale your store like some of our other partners! 👇
Haculla Clothing Logo
suavs shoes top growth marketing client
Haculla Clothing Logo
Apparel case study logo
Logo-Team JuJu
Apparel eCom case study

Targeting & Audience

Audience segmentation and targeting (Prospecting, Remarketing & Retention) of ads are make-or-break for profitable campaigns. See some of the targeting strategies we used to scale our apparel eCom partners successfully.

  • Custom audiences from website engagements
  • Brand social account engagement segments
  • Whitelisting & their engagement segments
  • Email/SMS segments
  • Look-a-like audiences
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Keywords cluster ad groups
  • Single keyword ad groups
  • RLSA ad groups for search/ shopping
  • GDN affinity audience targeting
  • Restructured display remarketing
  • Data from 3rd party tools

Offers & Promotions

A great offer is needed to improve an apparel store’s ROAS, NC-ROAS and new customer revenue volume. They make or break the cost of the traffic and require creativity, testing, and close monitoring of key and secondary KPIs.

Here are a few we successfully use to grow apparel brands.

  • Select product sales 
  • New product drops
  • Limited or scarce product runs 
  • First purchase offer $ or % off
  • BOGO’s
  • Bundling
  • Holiday or seasonal campaigns
  • Merchant center promotions
  • Ad extension promotions
Apparel store offers

We tested multiple offers for the first purchases and generated a 76% improvement in CPC and 47% lift ROAS.

Limited product drops

By segmenting and clever targeting, we were able to get over 14x ROAS on new customers using limited new product drop campaigns. 

Streetwear fashion brand

Improvements in the first 6 months

Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER)


Lift in transactions


Lift in Average Order Value (AOV)


We have been successfully scaling and growing e-commerce apparel brands since 2018.

As the ever-evolving apparel industry continues to leave its mark on the digital landscape, no customer is out of reach & growth is unlimited.

Get in touch with us, and let’s grow your business together.

Service Breakdown

  • Social Media Ads 30% 30%
  • Search / Shopping Ads 20% 20%
  • Ad Creative & Copy 30% 30%
  • Email & SMS 20% 20%
Shopify Partner
Meta Partner
Google Partner
TikTok Partner
Klaviyo Partner
Pinterest Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do you have?

We have been running social ads for eCom brands since the start of Facebook when CPM’s were a wonderful $1-3.

A lot has changed since 2010, our team has grow substantially to cover all ad platforms as well as email making us the dream team for scaling eCommerce apparel brands.

What services do your provide?

Over the years we have spotted a few trends when scaling apparel brands. Mostly the revenue sources are broken down like this 30% Organic, 30% Ads, 30% Email, and 10% random.

We focus on running the best ads and emails for apparel brands. The services our team are set up to provide are… strategy, ad media buying across all channels, copywriting, creative design, and email/sms management.

How will my business benefit from partnering with TGM?

We are focused on long-term profitable growth for all of our partner brands. We do this by focusing on a few core KPI’s and improving them month over month. 

Some of these core KPI’s are ROAS, NC-ROAS, POAS, ROI (Marketing efficiency), New Revenue, and Ad Spend. 

By doing what we do and focusing on these KPI’s with our custom reports, your brand will benefit from steady, profitable growth. 

What platforms does your eCommerce ad agency specialize in?

We have managed pretty much every ad channel under the sun and currently spend millions a month across our partners.

The main channels with the highest spends are Meta, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, and Microsoft.

How long does it take to launch ads & emails with TGM?

We have a streamlined process for getting started and working with our apparel brand partners.

The first week is dedicated to creating in-depth customer avatars, which will set the foundation for all the targeting, copy, and creative.

In weeks 2 and 3 we work hard to get your 1st round of ads and emails ready for approval.

By week 4 we can usually have your first round of new ads up and running.

This can change from brand to brand depending on revisions, the complexity of products, etc but this is a good benchmark to follow.

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