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Customer Acquisition & Media Buying Specialist
Jack Paxton

Jack Paxton

Media Buying & Customer Acquisition

I am a full stack digital marketer, specializing in media buying and customer acquisition. Managed ad accounts from $10 to $100k+/day in ad spend across Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Some of my past work includes accelerating companies to multi million dollar run rates in less than 6 months, conducting company audits and consulting for growth in customer acquisition.

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My Story

I started off at a young age getting involved in affiliate marketing, PPV and PPC. I used to build little landing pages, websites then find cheap targeted traffic to spin some profits. As a kid I though this was the best thing in the world!

Then SEM and Social Media ads sparked my interest and I learnt that scaling to millions of people was possible. Which meant big dollars!

I now service clients as a full stack digital marketer, specializing in media buying and customer acquisition. Get in touch for more information on how I can grow your business!


  • Social Media Buying 95%
  • SEM Media Buying 85%
  • Website Optimization 70%
  • Big Picture Digital Strategy 80%

Skill Set & Strengths

Social Media Buying

Social Media marketing (Facebook, Pinterest etc.) has a huge amount of scalability and is leading the way in innovative marketing opportunities. The transparency in tracking, pricing and the flexibility in ad creative makes social one of the largest opportunities for online businesses today.

Conversions Optimization

Getting visitors or potential customers to a website is only half the battle. Optimizing pages, checkout funnels and user experiences is just as important to make sure conversion rates and goals are being met.

SEM Media Buying

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is still and probably will always be one of the most effective PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing channels. Being able to identify keywords that target those with the intent to buy is important in running a successful business. This includes, Adwords, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Digital Strategy

Having the ability to envision end goals, see opportunities and execute on them is all part of the digital strategy approach I bring to every project.

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