First of all I would like to say that choosing the right website hosting/management service can make or break on online eCommerce business. After 5+ years of owning and marketing them I have found Shopify to be one of the best and easiest to work with.

Not only that but they are also a pretty innovative company in terms of educating and enhancing their users knowledge of digital marketing and the working of the internet!

Here are a few of the reasons why Shopify stands out over WordPress and Magento in the eCommerce space.


ONE: Ease of Facebook advertising/pixel integration, other CMS’s require plugins that cost money or it is quite complicated to set up manually for free. Facebook is one of the main platforms that I have used to scale eCommerce business, sometimes contributing up to 60% of total revenue.

TWO: The no conflict app store. As you know installing a plugin on WordPress can be a gamble. There is always that small chance that it will bring down your website.

THREE: Standardized and optimized checkout flow.

FOUR: Hosting taken care of. For a beginner this is a huge one. Organizing hosting or getting ripped off by some IT guy sucks when starting out on other website management services.

FIVE: Data is the most important thing when it comes to making money online and the Google Analytics eCommerce integration makes Shopify a winner in this category. Pretty much anyone could set it up!

Once in a Lifetime Mentoring Offer From Shopify

So after that long-winded spiel about how much I like Shopify I also wanted to circle back to them being an innovative company that teaches as well as services their users.

So check out the amazing package that Shopify has put together. The lineup of mentors is incredible. Good luck!

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