Pleasures Case Study – Growing an Apparel Brand From Scratch Using Paid Advertising

The Story

Pleasures is a clothing brand….

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 The Challenge

A brand new apparel store can have a tough time competing in the crowded fashion niche Before they partnered with Top Growth Marketing, they’ve tried various marketing methods to profitably grow their store…

Working with Top Growth Marketing rocked our socks! They are meticulous, pragmatic, and on top of everything – an outside the box thinkers!

Alex James

CEO & Founder, Pleasures

 The Gameplan

We set up a thorough prospecting strategy to fill the audience buckets we would later use for retargeting…

Write more about strategies, marketing channels, long-term expectations…


Return on Ad Spend (FB ROAS)


Increased Profitable Ad Spend

Influencer Ads Scaled


Facebook Ads

Layered Facebook campaigns to increase the depth of information about product as buying intent increased.


Increased touch points with potential customers to nurture them over social, search and email channels.



Leveraging educational content on YouTube and Facebook to demonstrate benefits & features.

Best Performers


Increased the volume of sales on high priced items, improved the conversion rate and helped educate potential customers across multiple channels.

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